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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: And the post Grassy has been waiting for~

Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City, Base, Medical Bay
ARPer's: Grassy [Shadow] Anyone else near the med bay or in the emergency room

The air felt so thick with tension, it almost chocked the minds of those who were trying to move about and move Shadow to the operating table. Though Astrailyx had deemed herself not fit to help with the actual procedure itself, she couldn’t help but feel a need to be there regardless. Small crowds of people were rushed by along the sides of the hallway wall on the way to the medical bay, some people with minor injuries, some looking almost as bad as Shadow. The dragon recognized some people in airship uniforms looking around a bit lost as to where to go, or where they would help best. Amongst the crowd was a purple feline known as Blaze, dodging people this way and that, wondering what in the name of Sol had happened while she was gone. Luckily for her the only person who remained above everyone else, who would be able to give her these answers, was hovering not too far above her head.

“Astrailyx!” She called out, grabbing the dragon’s attention. “What in the world happened?”

“Robotnik attacked us with the Egg Carrier…we lost Ace and Shadow needs emergency surgery…” She explained, a tone of worry clearly visible in her voice. “I’m on my way to the medical bay now, we have others that are injured and need care…but I need to make sure Shadow gets out of this alive.”

Blaze gave Astrailyx a serious look, knowing that if she ever said she needed something, it wasn’t without a reason. “Alright I will join you to make sure you remain calm. I will tell you about what we found after everything has calmed down.”

“Thank you.” Astrailyx nodded to her, quickly following those with the incapacitated Shadow into the medical bay and into the emergency room.

As they entered, the two of them stayed out of the way of the doctors and surgeons began doing their jobs. All Astrailyx did was observe the vital scanners, watching Shadow’s heart rate pulse across the screen at somewhat, rhythmic intervals, but they weren’t good intervals. She couldn’t watch anything else but those machines and the displayed information, knowing if she did see anything else, the swelling worry and anxiety would inflate and explode in an emotional outburst. Never had she felt this worried before, and it showed by her hovering only a few inches off the ground, rather than at least a foot and a half. Blaze was keeping herself busy by trying to keep hysterics down and calming those in other rooms who had almost as bad of a condition as Shadow’s. Even as Astrailyx watched Blaze move around to try and take her mind off of it, and even joining her with calming people down in adjacent rooms, there was one thing that made her stop dead in the air and triggered a full sense of alarm.


The accelerated heart rate made the nurses look up, and rush to find the cause, and then a solution for it. The lead doctor came in, seeing a bloody metal plate off side, and Shadow bleeding out as if he was not turned into a small red faucet. What was a bad situation, was now made far worse, as nurses called out blood pressure numbers as the young surgeon who pulled out the obscurity, was sewing things together as fast as he could without being sloppy. Before he was two thirds done stitching however, he noticed an increase in the amount of blood within the artery area. Taking just the slightest glance back as he pulled another stitch into place, he noticed something was missing.

The clamps. They had fallen off.

A panicked gasp fell from the surgeon’s mask, and he was quickly pulled aside by the lead doctor, taking over along with the newfound gravity of the situation. Despite the blood flow, the lead had no time to clamp the artery back closed and was going to have to work with what time he had. That time was incredibly short. Nurses ordered other nurses for more bandages to stop the bleeding all together, even changing the angle of which Shadow laid on the table to slow down the flow of blood. It seemed to work, the newly taken over lead doctor finding it easier to stitch the artery completely closed with dissolving stitches that would remove themselves as the wound healed. Now was the time for applying the proper antibiotics and dressing to keep it shut. The level of blood flow to the open gash had slowed down considerably, and as the hourly seconds passed, something didn’t seem right.

And as they set him flat on his back again…

The nurse holding the air pump into Shadow’s airways, focusing on a proper rhythmic flow, jumped when he started coughing again, only this time, it wasn’t to get blood out…it was to get air in…

“Heart rate is dropping, blood pressure is dwindling!”

From his accelerated rate before, now to a significantly dropping rate, Shadow heart was starting to give out and give out fast. The blood loss was too much for his body and it was all starting to fail. Nurses pressed firmly against open wounds to prevent any other blood loss, even bandaging his head quickly to avoid so much as a drop. The lead doctor gave another of his team nearby the daunting and seemingly impossible task of closing up the last of the metal cut without losing more blood. Even with the efforts of two keeping the applied pressure, and another mending at his fastest pace, the dark hedgehog’s heart only beat more slowly.

Astrailyx was no longer hovering, she was against the wall, standing, choking from the grim gravity pressed against her mind. Her eyes stared now at Shadow rather than the machines, feeling locked in place with panic holding her will to move and fear clouding her ability to think. Blaze looked from her doings for a moment, and seeing Astrailyx standing on the floor gave her a reason to rush over and see how she was doing. Anyone who knew anything about Astrailyx was that she couldn’t walk any more than a few steps, and if she was ever on the floor and it wasn’t sitting on her tail, something bad was going through her mind. It was obvious that she was fearful for Shadow’s condition, especially after what had happened to Ace, but seeing the dragon this unusually calm, almost border lining disturbed was very out of place for her. Putting one hand on her shoulder, Blaze stood between Astrailyx and what she could see of what was going on, trying to talk her into a better state of mind.

“Astrailyx, I think it’s better for you if you step out…you look like you’re going to go into shock.”

“I…can’t…let someone else die…” She managed to say, trying to focus her energy on Shadow’s condition. “I need to try and heal him…”

Blaze knew that wasn’t a good idea. “You haven’t been able to do that since the universal crash and you aren’t even completely recovered from that either, you may be now if you didn’t create the Echo shield, but you can’t try that. Even if it did work, that level of an attempt would cause you to become unconscious. You even say yourself, it’s almost impossible to heal someone when they can’t perceive their own injuries.”

Despite the fact Blaze was right, Astrailyx couldn’t help but feel she had to anyway. The dragon had an odd healing power of sorts, mostly involved where she changed the viewpoint of the ailed, and that meant they had to be somewhat conscious. Shadow was out cold, and even if her healing ability wasn’t completely gone and was working, it wouldn’t have worked. She was helpless to do anything and that only made her feelings paralyze her with grief. There was nothing…



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE__________________________ ______________________

That’s when everything stopped. As soon as Shadow’s heart stopped, everything else for Astrailyx seemed to stop. Blaze threw her head over her shoulder at the sound of the heart monitor screaming it’s mortal sound, crying out the ceasing of the living beat. Before anyone could say anything, the lead doctor ran over to the other side of the room, pulled over the defibrillator and began rubbing the paddles together. The one pumping air into Shadow’s airways moved, taking the long, bloody and sticky tube out of him of prevent any complications.


One time, and as the electrified paddles hit, Shadow’s body jolted but there was no sign of the heart getting it’s extra kick. All Astrailyx could hear was the thudding of electricity passing through the hedgehog’s body while fear and panic forced her into a bubble, making everything sound like it was underwater. The doctor began rubbing the paddles again for another round.

‘You can’t…’


Another sparked contact with Shadow’s chest, and still, no sign of a beat. The doctor went for a third go around, when he noticed the volt level on the defibrillator. It wasn’t up to par with what it had to be in order to get Shadow’s heart started, and that, was critical.

“Why isn’t this thing charged at full?” He demanded, going for the third try anyway.

“Sir the entire medical bay is up and running at full capacity, the distribution of electricity in this area isn’t allowing for recharge without a delay!”

“We don’t have time, we have only less than a minute left to get that heart back up and running!”

The situation, it was clearly hopeless, but even with that, everyone was trying their hardest to save Shadow. Astrailyx only stood there, nearly buckling from the weight of it all, eyes frozen in a fear stricken gaze as all she could see was Shadow’s face. She couldn’t let him die, she couldn’t watch him die, the thought of it, and she couldn’t even process it completely. She blamed herself for Ace’s death, and she couldn’t heal Shadow. As the doctor tried the defibrillator for the second last time, she felt the electricity getting weaker and weaker, the energy just not enough to fully kick start his heart again. He was slipping away completely, there was no way of getting him back with what they had.

‘…I won’t let you die!’

After everything moving in slow motion for her, all Astrailyx could remember next was coming to the other side of Shadow’s table almost instantly, unable to remember actually moving there at all. Fading her tail into the floor she grabbed the nearest power conduit and let the charge take over her body, her energy imitating the slightly unstable nature of electricity and having her lavender and purple scheme change to that of a gold and white, tinted with electric blue. Putting her hand directly on the side of the defibrillator, it’s volt readings spiked just as the lead doctor made the last attempt at bringing Shadow back, not realizing Astrailyx had jumped the device by redirecting electricity and causing the lights to flicker when volts were passed through Shadow’s body for a last time. As he turned and looked at the dragon, almost angry she did something so impulsively, he looked back at the heart monitor.


Astrailyx turned back to her normal Iylix energy, taking a few steps back but not before buckling backwards with her inability to walk. She leaned up with her arms, hearing nothing but the deafening sound of a high pitched monitor squealing death. Everything in the room became as silent as death, and all anyone could do was close their eyes in grief. Blaze looked towards the floor, and Astrailyx could only close her eyes in disbelief. Everything started to shut out for her as sorrow started to fill her mind. Everyone quieted down and slowly started shuffling about, while one looked at the time and started making a record. Blaze walked over to Astrailyx and did her best to help her up. Though an energy being weighed nothing, Astrailyx felt gravity were locking her to the floor and dulling any other part of her mind.


Astrailyx’s ear’s, along with Blaze’s twitched at the sound, looking at the monitor again to see if their senses were playing horrible tricks on them.


Soon everyone started to come around it too. It wasn’t a malfunction. Looking at Shadow there was a very light rise and fall of his chest, and soon came wheezing, and even a sudden twitch every so often.

“He’s alive! Get back to your stations people we’re keeping him like this! Let’s move!”

As Shadow’s heart rate began to rise, Blaze helped Astrailyx back out of the room, siting her down in a chair just outside as she came to terms with the reality of what just happened. All the heavy weight just seemed lifted from Astrailyx’s mind as she sat there, almost in a daze. Blaze stood across from her with both arms down at her sides, unsure of what to think of the situation.

“I think now you need some time out here.” She said, trying to be comforting but also trying to calm the dragon down. “What you did saved Shadow’s life, from here he’ll be fine. I’m going to go make sure that stunt of yours didn’t offset everyone else alright?”

“Yeah…yes alright, I’ll be fine.” Astrailyx told her, still a bit shaken. “I’m sorry…I just…”

“You are fine, just relax, and wait, things will be alright.”

With that, Blaze had left to find out the status of the other injured, and help in as best way she can, as Astrailyx sat there, slowly returning to her usual, calm state.
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