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Pluto - East Fire Island, New York - Lone Wolf - ARP: None

As the frail old man closed the car door behind his master, the striking Scotsman gazed out across the waters, looking toward the Atlantic.

The purchase now completed, he had his own private island only an hour's drive from New York City. Naturally he had to purchase a second property to act as a facade for the tunnel to his island, he couldn't risk having commoners and tourists wandering on his land, plus sea travel made him nauseous. His property was styled like a traditional french chateau, there's a certain element of class to the design, with multiple bedrooms, entertainment rooms, a computer lab and exceptionally powerful internet connection throughout the island.

The breeze picked up as he noticed a shadow on the horizon. Flying above the water was a huge insect, jet black in colour and moving at a tremendous speed in his direction. He calmly moved towards the shoreline as the creature came into sight clearly. With a high pitched buzz from its wings, it circled above him and landed by his side, almost bowing. A dark shape in the water erupted, a great black serpent reaching out of the ocean, piercing orange eyes respecting the human ahead of him.

The man spoke, "You're late."
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