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Default Re: [WAR XI] The Eggman Empire: Now Accepting Humans

Originally Posted by sealboyno1 View Post
I'm kind of confused on the whole Creative Writing thing...

Okay, so there's Creative Writing and no FanFiction (which makes me think that they're mixed or that I have to write Pokemon-related stuff). In the CW WAR rules and stuff there is nothing said about whether you have to write within the Pokemon-verse or whether it is optional. Not made very clear ._.

I'm worried that, if I were to enter a non-Pokemon based piece, would it get rejected or what?

Anyone know where I can ask this? Or should I just go with writing and entering my non-Pokemon piece for this week?

Someone else asked the same thing a while ago in the WAR Planning and Discussion thread, but no one's replied. =/ It seems like it'd be kind of useless to simply call it "Creative Writing", which implies that FF and CW merged to make both styles of writing acceptable in one section, then only allow Pokeverse entries. I'll ask the CW judge though. Maybe you can make another copy of your entry and try editing it to make it more involved in the Pokeverse just in case. ^^ *fails at giving advice but does it anyway*
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