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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

i'm used to playing stall so that's the way i look at things, i've always felt that 3 or 4 offensive pokemon were enough, but that was when everyone was still feeling their way through gen 5, *shrug* I just thought that setting up TR meant that losing momentum was a given, hahaha

though i have to say about audino, the set i listed worked pretty well in OU (again when people were still feeling out Gen 5) it wasn't weak to dark type attacks (which a lot of TR users are) and the EV spread allowed me to take a special attack, set up, and heal up with regenerator on the switch, it could also pass a 205 wish giving a dirty switch-in survivability, i agree it's not the bulkiest, but with a spec def ev spread and only focus blast being the common SE spec atk predictable switch-in's aren't too difficult, though P-2 would probably be a better offensive TR user in it's place, i just liked the thought of using the weird little rat thing and people underestimating it lol,

i also equate running TR as bulky-O, but, and correct me if i'm wrong, being able to move the speed ev's to HP means that more pokemon can be, at the very least, on the outer limits of bulkiness, opening up options to pokemon that are sub 100 speed tier and decent offensive base stats, something like a luke, or gallade, and if TR is still up, being able to survive a OHKO and then taking out the opposing pokemon with a 2HKO, means that being super powerful isn't as necessary,

just my thoughts, not trying to be difficult, or confrontational JIC this gets read wrong lol, but just discussing the pros and cons helps in getting me back into the game

but if i want to keep trying to build a TR team, i should scrap weather, and go for a more offensive TR team, which includes the Trick roomers right? i'll put this on the back burner and if i can find a way to make it work i'll bring it back up,

how about dusclops and Porygon-2 as my offensive trick roomers?
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