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Default Re: Is this a good team?

Originally Posted by pkmmaster-chill View Post
im new to here and i wanted to tell u my unstoppable team ok all of my pkm r lv100 and shiny ok here i go
dialga, i have not been beaten yet and my current ranking is 64-0 i have been battling alot but i think someone is gonna come along and beat me can anyone give me any tips on making that team better
You could. You know. Stop hacking and make a team out of something other than ubers. Instead of throwing together some hacked legendaries (which takes no skill) you could actually make a real team out of non-legendaries. I'm sure that if everyone had their Pokemon to level 100 and had an exceptional team, they could beat you. Sure, legendaries have higher stats, but **** the police they'll find a way. XDD


. f i r s t | g a m e | c l e a r .

Lunarflare the Emboar {lv. 54}
Heat Crash | Rollout | Flamethrower | Grass Knot

Ikuja the Ferrothorn {lv. 55}
Shadow Claw | Flash Cannon | Iron Head | Power Whip

Kamisama the Reshiram {lv. 51} <--- I *HATE* HOW THEY MAKE YOU USE IT. D:<
DragonBreath | Slash | Extrasensory | Fusion Flare

Koiyuka the Vullaby {lv. 45}
Hidden Power (not sure which) | Shadow Ball | Fly | Air Slash

Sutomurai the Elektross {lv. 50}
Discharge | Thunder Wave | Wild Charge | Acrobatics

Kaizokoi the Carracosta {lv. 50}
Surf | Ancient Power | Aqua Tail | Smack Down

. h a l l | o f | f a m e | # 1 .

Pyreflight the Volcarona {lv. 74}
Quiver Dance | Fly | Heat Wave | Bug Buzz

Lazulu the Lapras {lv. 57}
Sheer Cold | Thunderbolt | Surf | Ice Beam

Ryugaun the Hydreigon {lv. 69}
Crunch | Dragon Rush | Earthquake | Flamethrower

Kozanar the Metagross {lv. 61}
Earthquake | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Rock Tomb

Senencia the Sigilyph {lv. 52}
Psychic | Ice Beam | Aerial Ace | Sky Attack

Ikuja the Ferrothorn {lv. 66}
Shadow Claw | Power Whip | Aerial Ace | Thunderbolt

-skips to most recent game clear-

. h a l l | o f | f a m e | #4 .

Ryula the Hydreigon {lv. 64}
Crunch | Dragon Rush | Body Slam | Work Up (<--- she reached level 64 in the Champion battle, unfavored moveset)

Ikuja the Ferrothorn {lv. 72}
Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Power Whip | Thunderbolt

Lazulu the Lapras {lv. 63}
Sheer Cold | Thunderbolt | Surf | Ice Beam

Pyreflight the Volcarona {lv. 81}
Heat Wave | Quiver Dance | Fly | Bug Buzz

Kozanar the Metagross {lv. 63}
Earthquake | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Rock Tomb

Musharna the Musharna ((XDD)) {lv. 69} (<---- this thing levels up FAST. And is an awesome tank.)
Energy Ball | Dream Eater | Psychic | Hypnosis

. c u r r e n t | t e a m .

Frillish the Frillish {lv. 39} (<--- training)
Gentle Nature [+SpDef, -Def], strong-willed. Water Absorb, Lucky Egg.
Surf | Ominous Wind | Night Shade | Energy Ball

Ryula the Hydreigon {lv. 64}
Jolly Nature [+Spd, -SpAtk], often dozes off. Levitate, Fist Plate (Fist Plate from a bet with my friend on who could beat the other's Hydreigon. She used Dragon Rush, missed, I used Focus Blast and hit. She lived, used Dragon Rush, missed, I lived, used Focus Blast, hit. XDDD It was glorious.)
Crunch | Dragon Rush | Focus Blast | Earthquake

Pyreflight the Volcarona {lv. 81}
Relaxed Nature [+Def, -Spd], alert to sounds. Flame Body, SilverPowder.
Heat Wave | Quiver Dance | Fly | Bug Buzz

Kalahaq the Tyranitar {lv. 55}
Sassy Nature [+SpDef, -Spd], strongly defiant. Sand Stream, n/a.
Earthquake | Dragon Claw | Crunch | Stone Edge

Ikuja the Ferrothorn {lv. 73}
Gentle Nature [+SpDef, - Def], alert to sounds. Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet (<---this is the best combination of all combinations. <3)
Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Power Whip | Thunderbolt

Aesto the Musharna {lv. 70}
Naughty Nature [+Atk, -SpDef], alert to sounds. Telepathy, n/a. (<--- horrid nature, I know.)
Trick Room | Dream Eater | Shadow Ball | Hypnosis

There we go, uber-long post for you to look through. XDD Love you guys. <3
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