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Default Re: [WAR XI] Guardian Units of Nations (Two Slots Open)

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Grassy will probably delete this because she doesn't want me posting here, but I had to say something. Hopefully not, thoigh.

I'm kinda glad I had nothing directly to do with his quitting. Neo even told me he was staying. Guess he changed his mind after all.

I still can't believe I lost two kindred spirit friends over huge creative differences with the War RP. It's one simple RP and we shouldn't let it get to us this badly. And Neo summarized my screw ups pretty well there. For what it's worth, I'm sorry you guys. I wish we could stay friends still and RP together some other time. Please?
I'll allow it to stay - although I want to be nitpicky and say you spelled "though" wrong >.>

It is a RP, Bron, but WAR is also a serious affair. Fun, yes, but when things get unfair...It becomes less fun for others. All of this was an attempt to make it fair, but the situation got out of control. Metal and myself just need a break from the drama at this point.

I will allow you to post here, so long as you do not stir up trouble, mmkay? Otherwise, feel free to contact me on Skype. I think we all just needed a break. I'm still stressed from other things, but I don't mind a good chat...

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