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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog/Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: None, really
<From Glowstick to Flare>

Where...? This place...Is just darkness. Have I been here before? ...No, no I do not believe so. This is...not a dream... Dreams are either pleasant or full of horror. And I would not realize it...yet I am fully aware here. A conscious thought amidst a black world... I should not be here, yet I am. Why is that? Why would I be perceptive of my surroundings - or lack thereof - when I should not? It doesn't make any sense... This goes against everything science has learned, of the brain. ...What is that? A light? ...So peaceful... How could something so beautiful and bright exist in such a dismal pit of nothingness? It even seems to call to me. ...Wait... Conscious when I should not be, surrounded by darkness, with a comforting light that calls... No. That means I am dying...Or even dead. ...I cannot accept that. I will NOT accept it! The other way is clear, with no light in sight. It is the safest option. If I get lost in the darkness, I might never return, but if I go to the light, I will have no hope of it.

...Another light? It's approaching quickly. I won't be able to escape! I don't...!

For the briefest of moments his consciousness came back to the world before flickering out to rest, but in that millisecond he felt immense agony throughout his body...And was comforted by it. The dead do not feel pain.

As the hedgehog stabilized, the doctors chose to move him to a hospital room, to free up the surgical area for another patient. Placing him on a gurney with the IV pack held by another, they began to wheel him out and towards the elevator. As it opened, they slid in, and took him to a rather clean, albeit small, recovery room. Placing him on the bed and pulling covers over him, they hooked him back up to machines to monitor his heart and brain activity; they also placed a mask over his mouth to deliver precious oxygen to speed up the production of blood cells. Perhaps the most important step was introducing powerful pain killers into the IV along with the water, to numb the bite from his wounds when he woke up. After what he had gone through, it was a small blessing that would be appreciated.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx/Blaze)
<Just 'Overing In and Being Jais>

And while this happened, a pair of certain Beetles finally arrived back at base, making themselves known. Rather, Jais did. Hovering in to the shock, trepidation, and amusement of other soldiers, the machine deigned to make a slight twirl. "Why, 'ello everyone! Long time no see, I presume. Jais is back in action, accompanied with the ever so lovely Delilah." He waited for a moment, before continuing. "Jolly good. Now, I am off to the medical bay. Delilah, my dearest love, stay and 'elp get things in order 'ere, please. They need a level'eaded bot to guide them in these times." She nodded slightly, as his words were true despite how skittish she could often be. With that said, he hovered to the medical bay, quickly going down to the level designated for surgery.

It was absolutely terrible. Cries everywhere, the moans of those injured and the screams of those in agony reached his receptors. Had he been flesh instead of steel, a violent shudder would have run itself through his body. However, as much as he looked, he couldn't find the one he sought. Rotating his body around, he scrutinized the area, spotting both a purple form and a lavender one. Turning his attention, he hovered forward, ignoring the somewhat suspicious looks and fear that other had upon seeing the machine. After all, they had just been badly damaged, er, injured, by other mechanical creations. His own disappearance and subsequent reappearance also raised questions, no doubt.

"Blaze, Astrailyx?" His accented voice rose above the cacophony. "I 'eard about what 'appened. I found myself offline...That good chap Axel came and fixed myself, as well as my beloved Delilah, up. But..." He no doubt noticed the energy dragon's rather vacant stare. "Are you okay, milady? You seem rather pale... Do you need a pint of water, or to lie down? I am rather concerned you will faint, and that will do nothing for your fur." The Beetle nodded to himself. "No worries, my dear. All of this will clear up in due time! If only the commander would do something about it. Where is that man? I dearly need to speak with 'im about the current state of affairs. I fear what the young soldier told me may 'ave been quick and inaccurate, and I would rather not bother either of you in such an 'orrid place...and why no one came to locate us when we went offline. I thought we were valuable and appreciated! My, 'e will get quite the tongue lashing!" It was obvious that he was a little steamed at being abandoned.

"...But I digress... Your well-being takes precedence over mine. Please rest, and I will fetch you some water, Astrailyx."
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