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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Skyspire - Agana's Inn
RPers involved:
CM (Agana); Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Kamikaze (Darios)

After they were left relatively alone Amber turned and asked “Hadn’t you noticed those knights?”

Although her tone was neutral, it seemed to be a great effort to say; her tone not accusing, but not kind either.

Corbin chuckled to himself softly. “This wasn't my idea; not the way I usually handle things.

He paused to listen as the knight and Agana finally began talking, his Feruchemically enhanced ears picking up every word as if it were spoken right next to him.

"That was bold of your companion," began the stranger, the “Captain” apparently.

He heard Agana pick up the note, heard her destroy it.

She started to reply; "Believe me, Captain-"

"No need for formalities," the knight cut her off. "We are simply talking as old friends."

"Naomi then. As I was saying, I did not think he would bring that issue up."

He’d been counting on that. The entire presentation would have been useless if she’d seen it coming.

"He is lucky I convinced the men that were able to hear some of what he said that he was just saying nonsense."

So maybe he wouldn’t have to chase down anyone tonight, he thought.

"You heard all of it, though," Agana accused, "You being a Garou."

Corbin didn’t like that revelation. Perhaps he still would have to end some lives tonight. The wolf-people and the Vampire kind were commonly known to be bitter enemies. It was strange that this pair seemed to get along so well.

"You aren't going to arrest him?" Agana asked.

"No,” Naomi replied, “not this time. But he has to be careful where he decides to rally the mages. Most of the knights may be focused on the preparations for the Games and keeping crime under control, but that does not mean that they will not sit idly by while someone gathers the magic users."

No action on the part of the knights? This was a stroke of good fortune for Corbin. He’d been prepared to spend the entire night out chasing down loose ends. Now it seemed like Agana’s connections had tied them all off before he’d even started cutting. This was a big part of why she would be so critical to whatever movements they would make in the city; she knew how to get out of trouble, and had the right connections to stay out, even when things could have gone sour.

For the briefest of moments, some awareness in his mind flared up, something familiar.

<Feng?> he asked.

<There’s someone else nearby. Don’t worry about it right now.>

<Someone else? Another Guardian?>

<It isn’t important right now. Focus on the task at hand.>

Corbin shook his head slowly, still wondering what was next. Sometimes, he thought, having a Deity practically living in your mind made life complicated.

RPers involved:
CM (Taro)

Everything was in motion.

Suhail’s eyes flew open, and he felt more than saw his master’s death. He knew Thaylen would die; the pressure of being owned was suddenly gone. Contrary to everything that was happening, for a brief instant he felt a rush of life, of freedom.

Then next thing he felt was horror as he found himself standing, the sword he had been holding falling the stone floor with a clatter.

The man who had just pulled the blade from Thaylen’s dying body had begun rummaging around, looking for something, and instantly Suhail knew: this was about Suhail. Someone had discovered him, someone who did not care about the value of a man’s soul, and someone who would not let the monster within him hide behind a mask of menial, trivial tasks.

He acted without thinking, the blade that breathed when he did was in his hand. He flung it across the room with all the force he could muster, pulling out all the stops. He felt that this killing could save the lives of thousands.

Then something in the room shifted, and the blade, only inches from piercing the heart of the brown-haired man, vanished. He was too late. The pull, the pressure, the sense of being owned crashed down upon him again, and Suhail couldn’t complete the attack that would remove it. He cursed himself for dropping the real blade, the one that couldn’t disappear just because someone picked up a little black pebble.

Desperation welled up within him, and he surveyed the room, saw the others accompanying the man, saw the creature standing in the gore that had once been Thaylen’s wife. He saw Rose being pulled away, screaming and reaching for her mother, saw the power rising in her eyes and knew she would lose control in a moment.

He could do nothing; his choices taken away as swiftly as they had been given back to him.

“So this is what binds you to a person,” the man mused.

Suhail walked over to him, bowed stiffly, and said “I have no choice but to inform you that you hold my Soul Stone. As long as you do so, I will obey you.”

This was it, then. He was at war. Every secret Suhail failed to keep from his new master would mean more dead. He pushed the well of power within him as deep as he could manage, and then made the only choice left to him. He chose to wait.

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