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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
Yeah I only glanced at it when I was waking up this morning and I noticed my blundered when I was going to school so I couldn't fix it and I figured you would get what I meant :)! ALso nope I like it when we get Pokemon games before Europe since it's always been a pattern I mean take Lost Story and be happy >.> I'm still waiting for that and it what I saw was true off Gamefaqs you guys should also have Heroes of Ruin

EU 12th!
US 7th!

Also Lost are you getting the Japanese version again? I'm looking for someone with the games aleady so I can instantly get Challenge Mode and start playing!

Also you guys are getting One Piece Unlimited Cruise with no confirmed US release date so we derserve this!
haven't decided if i'm picking up a japanese version, if i do, it'll probably be close to when the US versions are released, to much expensive RL things to take care of lol,

who knows though, i might just cave and order it next week lol

I've still got the audino, so i could always plug it in and see how viable it still is

@van i can see what you're saying about moxie-mence, if they haven't moved it up outrage isn't going to make much of a difference, i figured that with roost though, gliscor could probably get to three SD's a lot easier once all the ice is clear and sweep, with EQ and Stone Edge or Rock Slide

@Tust i'm not very excited, but it's one of the few games i'm looking forward too, now i just have to find my ds lol
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