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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(Sadly this is going to be my last post for about two weeks because I'm moving to a different state on Sunday, so the internet is being shut off tomorrow morning. I will do another post after DA's as soon as possible. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.)

Damon swiftly moved down the streets with his Vampire speed until he once again reached the Gilbert house, walking up to the front door and giving three knocks. A few moments later Kenny answered the door, a bowl of cereal in his hand.

"Oh hey, aren't you Damon?" Kenny asked.

"Yep. Are your parents here?" Damon asked, Jeremy walking up to the door behind Kenny.

"Hey Damon. Is everything okay?" Jeremy asked in confusion, wondering why Damon was at the house so early. Diana walked down the stairs in what she had slept in; a gray tank top and short dark blue shorts, her hair tied back in a curly ponytail.

"Everyone needs to come back to the house. Kevin is there." Damon said, bringing Jeremy's eyes to widen.

"Are you serious?" Jeremy asked as Bonnie now appeared at the doorway.

"Kevin?" Diana asked in confusion.

"He's an Original Vampire." Bonnie responded.

"I'll go get my shoes then." Diana said, giving Damon a quick smile before running upstairs. Damon smiled back, bringing Jeremy and Bonnie to look at the Vampire in confusion.

"Did my daughter just smile at you?" Bonnie asked.

"They're dating now, mom." Kenny said, the three looking at the young boy in surprise.

"Let me guess. You were eavesdropping from Diana's bedroom door." Damon said, to which Kenny smirked and gave a nod.

"You guys are dating? But... you're a Vampire, Damon. She hates Vampires." Jeremy said as he looked up at Damon.

"Looks like she had a change of heart." Damon shrugged, Diana returning back downstairs and walked out of the house to stand by Damon's side and laced her fingers with his own.

"Let me just put my bowl in the sink and then I'll be right outside." Kenny said, turning away.

Back at the house Kotomi felt Aiden gently place his hand over her own for comfort, Kotomi looking at him as he gave her a reassuring smile. She returned it, her foot slowly stopping as she gave Aiden's hand a light squeeze.

The front door opened then as Damon, Diana, Jeremy, Bonnie and Kenny entered the house, Damon's and Diana's hands still laced together. The group seemed to look at each other in complete shock, realizing the reason why Damon never came home last night was because he was with Diana. After the situation of what happened last night however, the thought of Diana choosing to be with Damon now and beginning to trust this group of Vampires made sense, though her parents and Kenny didn't know what actually happened.

"What's going on, Kevin?" Bonnie asked, her, Jeremy and Kenny meeting Aiden for the first time.

"Well first of all, this is Aiden. He's an Original." Kevin responded, to which the three looked at Aiden in shock. "Second, my other siblings Rebekah, Finn and Kol are here in town, and third, Klaus' spirit is here wanting to be resurrected." Kevin's words seemed to take the Gilbert's by complete surprise as they stayed quiet for a few moments, but then Bonnie sighed.

"We knew this was bound to happen, Kevin." Bonnie said as everyone seemed to look at her in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" Ashley asked.

"Nineteen years ago when Klaus was still alive, John, Elijah and Kevin wanted to talk to me alone. They told me that if Klaus died after the sacrifice, then every Vampire that was ever created from Klaus' Bloodline would all die as well. If he really died that night then Ichiru, Kiseki, Isobel, Stefan, Damon and Lexi would had all died too, since all of you guys are from Klaus' Bloodline. Scarlet, Ashley, and Katherine were too, but they were already dead. The only two people who would had been safe were Caroline and Kotomi, because they aren't from Klaus' Bloodline. I couldn't let you guys die." Bonnie explained.

"So you mean to tell me that if every Original died, then the entire world would be extinct from Vampires?" Caroline asked, to which Bonnie nodded.

"But we saw Klaus die... how are we still alive?" Isobel asked.

"Because I placed a spell on Klaus' body. Remember when Kevin wanted to stay behind by himself to bury Elijah in private? Well the ashes from Klaus' body reformed, though his spirit is in the Ghost World. Klaus' body is still alive and pumping blood and such, but there's no soul to control the body. The spell I placed forbids Klaus to reenter his body, unless I do a resurrection spell that requires both Diana and I since we're from the same family." Bonnie said.

"That's where I've been this whole time." Kevin added. "I've been taking care of Klaus' body and making sure it gets blood by hooking his veins up with blood pouches."

"So after you bury Elijah, you took Klaus' reformed body and hid it away?" Stefan asked, to which Kevin nodded.

"Right now Klaus is a very powerful Ghost." Bonnie said.

"He wants to be resurrected..." Kotomi said, looking up at Bonnie. "What are we going to do?"

"Well... since Klaus is so powerful, then he can start doing dangerous threats which he will use to force me to bring him back..." Bonnie said.

"He already took over Kotomi's body last night and tried to kill her..." Lexi said, to which Bonnie cursed.

"If he keeps this up... I have no choice but to give him what he wants." Bonnie said, bringing Kotomi to quickly rise from the couch and look at her.

"But then he'll start killing us!" Kotomi said in fear.

"Not if we make a deal with him before he's resurrected." Kevin said, Kotomi looking at him in disbelief.

"He'll never keep his word." Kotomi said.

"He's an Original, Kotomi. We have a code of honor, and even Niklaus sticks to it." Kevin said. Kotomi just shook her head, storming towards the front door.

"He'll never keep his word so we're all going to end up dead." Kotomi growled, using her Vampire speed to leave the house. The group didn't know what to say, though Diana buried her head against Damon's chest.

"I'm scared, Damon." Diana said in a small voice. Damon let free of Diana's hand and wrapped his arms around Diana securely.

"Klaus won't hurt you. I'll make sure of it." Damon said in protectiveness.

Kotomi ran all the way to the bridge until she finally stopped, the young Vampire pacing back and forth as she thought about the situation her and her friends were in. When she looked up Klaus was standing only a few feet away from her, bringing Kotomi to jump.

"Hello young Kotomi. I see you guys know about everything." Klaus said with a smirk, to which Kotomi glared at him.

"You're never coming back." Kotomi growled.

"Oh, but I am. You know why? Because Bonnie has only one weakness; her friends and family. If I start doing death threats then she's sure to bring me back." Klaus shrugged. Kotomi didn't know what to say, knowing that Klaus was right.

"Will you keep your word? About not harming us if Bonnie and Diana bring you back?" Kotomi asked.

"As long as you guys stay out of my way, then yes, you all have my word." Klaus responded, then disappearing. Kotomi looked down towards the pavement of the bridge, Klaus' words sinking in. Then she realized something; every Vampire that was from Elijah's Bloodline has died...
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