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Default Re: Signature, Avatar, and Drawing Showcase!

Originally Posted by Elsonludok The Brave View Post
I can't seem to remember but great drawing nonetheless.
I've got a little snippet of what I can do, think of it as a little taster.

Do not open the spoiler if you're under a age where you shouldn't be looking at stuff like this.

I think it's lovely It goes really well together and I love how the colors blend. However, I'm not a fan of the effect in the foreground on the left. The random blue/green color kinda messes with the harmony going on (IN MY OPINION, other people would disagree, I'm sure). I also think the main focus of the graphic is much too bright in contrast with the empty right space. I think if you brightened up the effect in the background to the right, it would look a little bit better, but otherwise it looks like two things that should be separated It also looks a little low quality, but that could be because you saved it in .jpeg format which is easily fixable. If you used a low resolution stock, then I simply recommend using a better one next time.
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