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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

I find it pretty interesting that America is so behind in things like this. I am not American and have no knowledge of politics there or anything, but to outsiders (at least young ones!), America presents itself as a really progressive country. I guess because what non-Americans hear about when it comes to America is entertainment, famous people, new inventions/fads, new scientific discoveries, people doing risky, brilliant and creative new things, the biggest names in medicine/science/business, impressive theme parks/shopping centers and everything being twice as big as it is here in Australia, etc.

It's only pretty recently that I've discovered that underlying all that is this huge population of extremely religious people (fundamentals? I dunno if that's the right world), who basically stop the country from moving forward at all on real issues. I just find it really fascinating and strange that America can present this facade of being an extremely progressive country in all these areas, while in reality there's all this other stuff going on underneath. Definitely not what I expected!
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