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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

I dunno, I try my best to keep up with political/ethical issues, but sometimes I fall behind- this is one of those times so forgive me for sounding illiterate and/or stupid. [/DISCLAIMER]

Maybe we (by 'we' meaning the U.S., as a country and not considering individuality) are so behind because, as a country, we tend to hold this sort of... hypocritical tactful personality, where we fear to tread on toes. In our quest for freedom, this gave us a very liberal sense of freedom, comically so, where from the moment we're children we're taught to believe that we can say/do anything we want and that no one can take our 'rights' away. Which is all well and good, believe me, but can give an individual this sort of... invincibility complex, where we become untouchable and just in everything we do. We're often the place where phrases such as 'the customer is always right!' tend to be spoken of more, and such.

So then, given this attitude toward our own opinions and beliefs, anything that seems different will be responded to with heavy push-back, and God damn it all, because we're ingrained with the idea that we are always right, it then gives us this sort of incredible, unbearable perseverance that to this day shocks me. So, to me, it's really not a surprise that 'advanced' ideas, like that of humans possibly having a separate sexual orientation without it being either a terrible genetic mutation, or the invitation of the devil force-feeding itself into the all-American household.

We (again, as a country) tends to be fairly selfish anyway, so I can understand that many heterosexual individuals just simply lack the empathy to understand that a homosexual individual is, in fact, not much different than themselves- simply because it involves thinking of someone who is not themselves. And not only from the heterosexual side, mind you. I find that many homosexuals that I know personally only became interested in the recent political events because homosexuality and thus the allowance of marriage was one of the major topics. Again, suggesting that we only tend to be truly interested in the 'greater good' when it has to do with something that we'll benefit from, and that we'll understand.

Overly-religious homophobic 'prophets' will benefit from the publicity and/or money they'll receive, most likely from whatever texts they'll create about 'saving' oneself from the big bad homosexual monster, and homosexual couples will benefit from having the possibility of being able to marry.

TL;DR: I believe the U.S. is 'ethically' behind because we're selfish.

(Sorry, this is all over the place. But I guess some homosexual insight from someone who won't cry and moan about how I don't have my rights because of idiots or something would be a useful addition to the conversation?)


Originally Posted by TARDIS View Post
I have an exceptionally good friend who is Gay. Do I condemn him? No. Not my place. Do I wish he was straight? You bet. Do I bash him into feeling bad? No way.
This is very interesting to hear. Recently I was exposed to a person who quite enjoyed telling a few people I knew (and a few I didn't), that they were going to hell for an eternity for their homosexuality. While I'm pretty used to hearing this, it really concerned in the manner of which he said it: He was smiling, quite satisfied with himself, as if watching a great event unfold.

Being someone who was raised as a Catholic, and to this day believing in God, I felt the need to say something about it- but I didn't want to start the old 'Zealot vs. Homosexual!' war. Forgive me for any mistakes, but I learned that only God could judge, and so I told him I found it particularly strange that he knew that my punishment was going to be 'hell for an eternity'. Perhaps homosexuality is a sin after all. But I just thought it was strange that he somehow thought he knew God's punishment for a certain sin, and it particularly troubled me that, as a self-defined 'Christian', he found pleasure in that his fellow human beings were going to hell.

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