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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by CM View Post
Name: Cynthia
Age: 20+ (again can't find age posted)
Gender: ♀
Appearance: *usual outfit with Garchomp* -- *alternate outfit*
Personality: Cynthia is the Champion of Sinnoh, one of the strongest trainers in the land and quite possibly the world. She is quite compassionate still and rather down to earth. Even when she defeats a trainer, she makes a point to give them pointers and help them take care of their wounded Pokémon. She is also interested in the mythology behind the land.
Home World: Pokémon [Celestic Town, Sinnoh]
History: [post RP] Cynthia was still undefeated as the Sinnoh Champion. She still had challengers, but none seemed to be able to take her title. She continued to study the mythology in her free time, and during one of these times is when the light came. She was unsure of what happened, and when the darkness went away after the blinding light she was slightly confused. Trainers and Pokémon were around, some she recognized, but there were also people and other creatures she had no knowledge of. She talked to whoever she could to learn what had happened, but it seemed like most of the trainers were starting to come to her for answers. Sadly she could give none. She then grouped with a few other people to form a plan. It seemed like those who held authority were in this group, so it made things a little easier when the merging of technologies started as well as the building of communities. Cynthia then became a member of the Council, being one of the representatives for the Pokémon side of things. She has noticed some things changing, but so far doesn't have the evidence she needs. So while still dealing with the business she can handle, she is also keeping an eye on her fellow councilmen to see if there might be a conspiracy in the higher ranks.
Pokémon: Garchomp (♀)| Gastrodon (♀) | Lucario (♂) | Milotic (♀) | Spiritomb (♀) | Roserade (♀) | Togekiss (♂) | Bravairy (♂) | Eelektross (♀) | Glaceon (♀)
Link: none
Other: n/a

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Sorry, I had to. cx Love you, Crystal. XDD

Will try and start on my SU after I get my War Creative Writing entry done. c:
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