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Default Re: What will your Pokemon do? (Closed.)

I think you misunderstand Sabi's point here, guys. She isn't telling you to be more literate--actually, you guys seem to be more literate than some of the people we get posting issue with in here. The problem is that you guys don't seem to understand how RPs work here. Firstly, when you want to make an RP, you create a plot/story for people to RP around and share this plot on the RP Sign Ups board, where you get peple to put in sign ups for your RP. Once you get what you deem to be enough people, you start the RP based around that plot. However, you guys had no plot and were posting simple one-line posts, which we discourage here because it gives people less to respond to. What Sabi's suggesting is simply that you guys look around the boards here and see how we RP here and give that a shot, but if you'd rather continue on with something like this, you are advised to please keep it to PMs.

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