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Default Re: What will your Pokemon do? (Closed.)

Just popping in here to say that that's not an approach you should take to it, camaro, if length is a problem as well. ^^; We'd love for you to be able to RP here, but there are plenty of ways you can do to add a bit of length to your writing. Reading through your thread, I can't even imagine where you characters are at right now. Try describing your surroundings and your characters! :) Is it hot outside? Cold? Is it sunny? Cloudy? Raining? What does Renegade look like?

And what about the lab? Is it futuristic with self-opening doors and shiny steel walls? Or is it more like a prison with sturdy, locking doors and a dull, sad look to it? Is it a mix of both? None of the above? Is the floor metal or tile? There are plenty of things you can do to increase the length and quality of your writing! :)

Sorry, Sabi/Winter, just had to throw that out there. <3 Don't mean to seem like a minimod, just thought I should at least give them a tip or two, especially if one-liners would refrain from Camaro making an attempt to RP.
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