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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: Late post is late, sorry x___x. Been busy lately lol.


IC: Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City Outskirts, Hoenn
Affected RPers: Enkakku
<Now I know where to go, but how to get there?>

My ears perked in interest when the human mentioned that he had a map, which he proceeded to dig out of a large bag. After unfolding it, he pointed at an area that had been circled and informed me this was where Robotnik’s flying fortress had landed. He then traced his finger over the map to our current location; it would be a rather long trek to get there, and even then the area Robotnik’s ship had alighted on was an island. No doubt flying and swimming Badniks would be guarding the Egg, as well as its own impressive weaponry. Getting there would prove to be a serious challenge.

"It's quite a journey. You really don't want to go there, though. The Egg is massive and it'd be pretty pointless trying to fight through all of the monsters there,” the human said, pulling my attention from my musings. Before I could reply, he glanced in the direction the android had been thrown and added, "I haven't seen anyone like you, either. Sorry if this sounds rude, but might we move a little? That android has been chasing me for quite some time and I would hate to get caught by him again."

“Yes, moving is a good idea. Only a mey stays in the open when in an enemy’s territory.” I then growled, an unconscious action as I remembered the chase I’d led the Badniks on. “But give me a moment to retrieve my pruzaak.” I loped to the last tree I’d been in, climbing it much the way I had the other one when first reaching the forest. I then grabbed the bags containing my food and leapt back to the ground, yipping softly in pain as the cut on my inner thigh flared from the impact. It quickly died to a dull stinging ache, easily ignored as I rejoined the human.

“Come, let us find somewhere safe to speak further,” I said, glancing about. “Perhaps somewhere deeper in the forest, or, if you know of any, a renegade camp fighting against Robotnik. There must be pockets of resistance in this region fighting the tyranny of that sahlohkul.”


OOC: Translation time!

Mey = fool
Pruzaak = combination of “good” (pruzah) and “eat” (naak); roughly translates to “food”
Sahlokul = combination of “cowardly” (sahlo) and “son” (kul); roughly translates to “bastard”

Also, here’s what Kiju was saying in my post before, in the order of saying it, in case anyone is interested:

“No, I do not know it.”
“Tell me, human…”
“I…am seeking family...”
“…members of my family, my Pack.”
“…from when my Pack was attacked…”
“My Pack…my family…he will suffer for this sorrow.”

And Enkaku, feel free to have your character hop into Kiju’s mind to get an idea of what she’s saying lol. She has a habit of saying things in Grohiik but not translating them.
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