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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
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Obviously being from the same team, me and Typhlosion Explosion agree that this stance is correct. I just want to add some things to this, as it stands. As some of you know, or most of you, Nintendo is becoming more of a "Family" brand. What I mean is, Nintendo has the highest percentage of E-Rated games. Now the way that gaming has evolved, families and E-Rated games are about half of the whole market. This is also a very stable part of the market, as there are always more families than there are more "traditional" gamers. And on RaptorJesus' point on FPS games usually being the best selling, look at 2010. Even though "Call of Duty: Black Ops" is at the top of the list, it's sold on the Wii. The next four games? Wii-Exclusive. As for 2011, Nintendo still holds more than a few top spots.

True, there are certainly more families than traditional gamers. However, who is more likely to buy more games, a family with small children or a traditional gamer? The traditional gamer of course. I suppose I can't argue with the best seller's lists, but I really don't think the Wii market buys nearly as many games as the Xbox/Playstation market.

Also to say that Multi-Player is important is a good and strong point made by RaptorJesus, don't forget; Nintendo is becoming more family-oriented. Online is a scary place, and sometimes parents don't want their kids on it. Also, when you compared Nintendo to Rare, I saw that as comparing an apple to an orange. Rare didn't make consoles. Third-party developers are always changing and vanishing, only for more to be brought in. Look at Enix and SquareSoft, they combined. A lot of older third-party developers are also just vanishing, and a lot more are popping up. Ever heard of Media Molecule, co-developers of "LittleBigPlanet"? They were founded in 2006.

I understand Nintendo's reason for wimping out on multiplayer, I just don't think its good business. Most child-oriented games don't even have available multiplayer. How many times have you stepped onto a Wii Fit pad and thought, "Hey, I'd like to exercise with a bunch of strangers on the internet and have them shout profanity at me?". My guess is never. The idea that Nintendo has to remove a good multiplayer system so they can be family friendly is pretty stupid. I have trouble thinking of a family friendly title that would require online multiplayer.

I didn't even compare Rare to Nintendo. I used Rare as an example of the principle that a company can't be measured by a franchise success or two. Also, I don't really see why you brought up third party developers. Rare is still around, it was just bought by Microsoft.

I do agree that while Nintendo can't milk its old franchises, it can use its new ones. Kingdom Hearts is quickly turning into a Nintendo-exclusive series, and The World Ends With You, one of my favorite games of all time, is also Nintendo-exclusive. It's also not Sony's PSP, it's Sony's PlayStation Vita that is now on the market, and I believe it's far from a joke, though it does fall short of the 3DS. The PSP, however, was insanely popular, and was far from a joke, becoming a major competitor in the handheld market. It had many original games, such as Dissidia and Phantasy Star Portable(also sported Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep). And last time I checked, they have a very, very large following. That's not to say it beat out the DS though; it was more popular due to it's third-party support in games like Scribblenauts and The World Ends With You.

As a Kingdom Hearts Fan who has played the series since the beginning, I'd have to disagree with your strange idea that its becoming Nintendo exclusive. The first and second games in the series were both released on Playstation 2. Birth By Sleep came out in 2010 for PSP. No Kingdom Hearts game has been released since. There is a game planned for the 3DS, but I'd hardly say that qualifies as "becoming Nintendo exclusive" or at the very least, not quickly. As of right now, Sony has had more Kingdom Hearts games on their systems and the 3DS game will only even it out. I'd bet you that the next Kingdom Hearts game is released on the most recent Sony console as opposed to the Nintendo system, whether its Wii U vs PS3 or not.

Comparing the DS vs the PSP. The DS over its lifetime sold about 3 times the number of units that the PSP sold. Thats hardly competing. Now, thats DS' sales ending in March of 2012. The statistic I found for PSP ended in 2010. So lets factor in the sales of the Vita, which, by the way, I have never even seen. By Feb 2012, Sony reported a total sales of 2 million units worldwide. I wouldn't call those numbers much competing. The DS tramped the Playstation Portable. Despite my arguement, I uphold that the Nintendo handled market is massive.

The problem with this, lies in the rise of smartphone technology. We cannot pretend that smartphone technology and even tablet sales will not begin to move in on the sales of handheld gaming systems, probably, phasing them out sometime in the next 15 years. Honestly, if Nintendo was smart about this, they would get in on the smartphone business, but I don't see that happening.

When you look back on it, maybe Nintendo is more for Single-Player and local Multi-Player games. maybe that's the approach; call your friends, relax, sit on the couch, drink some soda/pop, and grab a controller each. Maybe Nintendo is taking a step back to what's really important in a game; Story, Gameplay, Music, and friends.

Unfortunately for your view of the new multiplayer, that is not what a large portion of game sales want. They want to be able to instantly be immersed in multiplayer action at will. Even if Nintendo is being noble and sticking to its guns, it isn't smart business and business is what keeps the money flowing.
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Oh, and those sales numbers I used.
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