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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Enkaku_Kumori View Post
Name: Auron
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Appearance: What you can’t see in the picture is the huge scar that runs over the right side of his face and his right eye, the latter of which is permanently shut and is the reason he wears sunglasses. His other eye is yellow in color. Btw there is nothing wrong with his arm, he just keeps it in his sleeve like that as a nod to rōnins.
Personality: Auron is the strong silent type. He speaks only if he’s spoken to and when he thinks it’s necessary, but when he does he usually gives people advice. He appears as a strict, no-nonsense warrior filled with a dry, ironic sort of humor. In battle however he is very powerful and will not stop fighting until his opponent is defeated. Once a guardian, Auron devotes his life to protecting those in need, putting the matters of others before his own, and is unconcerned with his own well-being. His cold exterior may not hint to this, but he would gladly sacrifice himself before others. (Apparently he’s supposed to be a lot like Vincent XD)
Home World: FFX .
History: Lol in all honesty Auron’s history isn’t important at all to the plot of the RP and what might happen next. After the merge he simply wandered about the world, known as a protector of those who needed protecting and generally a silent, mysterious figure.
Houndoom (Hellgar) M
Raichu (Jecht) M
Link: Hashmal (FFXII)
Other: He’s actually died before :D It only got him mad.

Name: Kimahri Ronso
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Note that even though Kimahri is 6’ 8”, that is actually small for a Ronso.)
Personality: Kimahri is another silent type, although for different reasons than Auron. It is mainly out of shame that he does not speak very often, because of his broken horn, which the Ronsos see as a personal disgrace. Because the other Ronsos looked down upon him as a child because he was smaller than the others, this also became a reason for his coldness and silence towards others. He is very loyal to those he trusts though, and he will speak to his friends. He is known to be wise beyond his years and offers wordly advice (unlike Auron, who gives advice on what decision should be made)
Kimahri is very protective towards Yuna, a Summoner he guarded while she was on her journey. He had promised Auron that he would protect High Summoner Braska’s daughter, and this went as far as becoming her first guardian when she became a summoner. He is very close to both Yuna and Auron because of this. He is initially distrustful of people at first, but he has a gentle heart and once he decides that he
he trusts you, you will have a friend for life.
Home World: FFX
History: Eh, not much to say. He managed to find his people, the Ronsos, a new home in the merged world, but when war broke out and he was being called he left his home to go seek out Auron. He knew that if anyone would have a clue about what was going on, it would be him.
Pokémon: Kimahri does not use pokemon. However, he can speak to them and get them to help him out in a battle.
Link: Valefor (specifically FFX’s version)
Other: Kimahri has a move called Lancet, which allows him to copy the moves of his foes. (This can extend to pokemon as well)
Actually, I was the person who reserved Yuna, and I was planning on making the Aeons available, but only her maiden aeon (aka Valefor) will be available in the beginning. I was planning on having the fayth statues cross over into the Pokemon world, hidden underground or other places that are insanely difficult to reach, and achieve them gradually over the course of the RP. I was planning on converting their elemental attacks to match Pokemon moves, and making only two elements available for each Aeon (Ifrit would have one as fire, Ixion would have one as electric, Bahamut would have one as dragon, Shiva would have her two as water/ice, etc.). I was planning on limiting their power so they wouldn't be so OP'd, as well.

Anima would also be available at some point as well, as I have Seymour reserved and she'll be going against him, but the rest of the non-main aeons would never be an option.

Also, instead of the home world being FFX, I think you're looking for "Spira".


I can change all of this, of course, if you're set on Valefor, but otherwise (unless CM changes her mind, which I also wouldn't be mad about), I was just letting you know. c:

Though I'm overjoyed that someone's actually filling Kimahri and Auron. Like, I came a mixture of blood, tears, and rainbows. XDD
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