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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Sight of the Stars View Post
Actually, I was the person who reserved Yuna, and I was planning on making the Aeons available, but only her maiden aeon (aka Valefor) will be available in the beginning. I was planning on having the fayth statues cross over into the Pokemon world, hidden underground or other places that are insanely difficult to reach, and achieve them gradually over the course of the RP. I was planning on converting their elemental attacks to match Pokemon moves, and making only two elements available for each Aeon (Ifrit would have one as fire, Ixion would have one as electric, Bahamut would have one as dragon, Shiva would have her two as water/ice, etc.). I was planning on limiting their power so they wouldn't be so OP'd, as well.

Anima would also be available at some point as well, as I have Seymour reserved and she'll be going against him, but the rest of the non-main aeons would never be an option.

Also, instead of the home world being FFX, I think you're looking for "Spira".


I can change all of this, of course, if you're set on Valefor, but otherwise (unless CM changes her mind, which I also wouldn't be mad about), I was just letting you know. c:

Though I'm overjoyed that someone's actually filling Kimahri and Auron. Like, I came a mixture of blood, tears, and rainbows. XDD
YES SPIRA!! That was the name! XD I couldn't remember it, I never paid attention to world names XD And how could I not play Auron and Kimahri? They were definitely my favorite characters, along with Yuna :3

I actually picked Valefor because I wanted to link Kimahri to Yuna somehow, because despite all of what's happened he's still very loyal to her and considers her one of his closest friends. I like your idea for the fayths though, it sounds like a second pilgremage to Yuna XD
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