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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Southbay Underground, in a conference room
ARPers: CM (Kai)

"Yes, Kai wants to help the mages," the elf girl replied. "What can Kai do to help?" Anya looked her up and down and sighed inwardly. She acted too much like the girl she was trying to save, a comment Rayna left alone if she had heard it. The girl looked more like a child trying to be brave, but at this point, it was all she had to go with.

"We need to get in and break my sister out. There's another guy in the cell with her, and he seems nice, so we'll take him, too...but I have no idea how on earth we're gonna get in without letting everyone know we're in there. What can you do, anyway, Kai?" She asked the girl, still listening to part of Rayna's ongoing conversation with Hyde with the smallest amount of attention, they had gone totally off topic by now and simply chatting quietly. She was only made more nervous by the fact it was taking her so long to get things done.

Aileena Crowfeather
Somewhere between Lakeshire and Riverrun
ARPers: CM (Drakon)

Aileena didn't like that look in Harland's eyes as Drakon described the kind of mischief he was looking for from Harland. No she did not. The raccoon looked way too happy; the suggestion was like giving the Sacred Beast his dream misson. However, shortly after giving them this description, Drakon left them, "Think it over, Harland. I'll come back for an answer before the Games begin," floating behind him. The moment the other Sacred Beast was out of sight, Harland turned his attention to Aileena.

"Leena, we--" the raccoon started, but Aileena was ready for him.

"No, Harland. No. I am not getting insulted and beaten up on to get a message out," Aileena growled, shaking her head at Harland. "That aside, I am not the most inconspicuous being out there while you are the most inconspicuous Sacred Beast among them all--what are a winged girl and a raccoon going to prove? I do not feel like running away from people again, that is why I choose to stay away from them." The raccoon stared at her quietly for awhile. Aileena couldnt say she was too fond of the fact Harland looked thoughtful, either.

"So what if you made yourself worthy of respect? That aside I am quite sure we will not be alone." He asked her, Aileena frowned.

"What are you talking about, Harland?" she asked suspiciously.

"Turning people's dislike of you into something worth respecting, of course, Leena."

"Stop calling me Leena!" the woman snarled, nearing the end of her patience with the raccoon. Harland did not bother to move at the outburst, opting to blink afterwards. "And what do you mean turning me into something worth respecting?" She felt her stomach sink at the way the raccoon grinned at her.

OOC: No Rayna and Hyde once more...this would be so much easier if they were together and not in a cell...

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