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Default Summer Writing Competition 2012.


Yes, here we are again: the Summer Writing Competition, one of two biannual writing contests in this section, courtesy of the URPG Graders. This event is the chance for any member of the URPG to show off their skills as an author, and have a shot at fame, glory and exaltation -- and a Legendary Pokémon! Yes, even if they do suck stegosaurus eggs.

How do you participate? No how, just do! Write a story and post it up just like any other story, but be sure to tag on the label [SWC] in the title so we graders know what we're looking for. Be sure to post your story on only ONE forum, however. You might confuse us if you post your story in two or more places at once. :< Before you submit the story in this thread (i.e. link it in here as a real submission for SWC), your story must be graded and result in a successful capture. We're just meanieheads like that. Additionally, you can write as many stories as you like, but only one can be your final submission for SWC.

Normal story regulations apply. OH YES. As usual, there is no limit on length, so you can write however much you want to.

Got something done already? Sure, that's great. [s]CHEATER.[/s] You don't have anything done? Hey, that's cool. You have about 31 days (a month, to all you silly people out there) to write the best possible story you feel you can.

Good luck!
  • You have from July 1st until August 1st to submit entries.
    Only stories posted during that time-frame are eligible for the competition. There will be time allotted after the end of the deadline for final grading, and to give potential voters a chance to read your story before voting begins.
  • Only members of URPG can participate. If you're looking at this thread and want to participate, but you're not a URPG member... go join and then come back here. :>
  • Write as many stories as you want, but only one of them can be your final submission. Choose carefully.
  • In order to qualify for the SWC, your story MUST be graded, and it MUST result in a successful capture.
  • Your entry must be no longer than 150,000 characters.
  • HEY, ADVICE: As always, quality over quantity. Length is in no way an indicator of success.
  • The winner will get a Legendary Pokémon of their choice and 10,000.
  • Second place will receive a hearty pat on the back, a Complex Pokémon of their choice and 8,000.
  • Third place will obtain a Hard Pokémon of their choosing and 5,000 for their valiant effort.
Prizes are subject to change and whatnot, depending on the amount of entries.
Past Victors:
1. Jag.
2. Marth.
3. Shroomish.
4. Jack of Clovers.
5. Fair.
6. Neo Pikachu.
7. DaRkUmBrEoN.
8. Pokemon Trainer Sarah.
9. Seawolf.
10. DaRkUmBrEoN.
11. Seawolf.
12. Tyranitar_Trainer.
13. Fever.
14. Phantom Kat.
15. Bryce.
16. Sequentio.
17. Kai-Mei.
18. Natorei.
19. Kai-Mei.
20. MagikChicken.
  • You need to be a member of the URPG in order to vote.
  • Voting duration/rounds are to be determined once it gets closer to the deadline and stories are graded.
  • When voting, send me a Private Message entitled something to the effect of 'SWC Story Votes'. It's so I don't have to filter through things to find what I'm looking for.
  • Voters get 3,000 for each round, although it might change.
  • When voting, vote for your favourite story, not your favourite person. No-one likes it when people win based on popularity. Voting for the best story ensures that the competition is kept fair, and that winners are selected because of their talent, rather than their relative popularity.
  • If you have a story entered, you can still vote -- even in the round your story is featured in. What's not permitted, however, is voting for yourself.
When all stories have been submitted, the competition begins for real. There will be a few preliminary rounds, and then a final round. Each round, there will be a number of stories up for voting (how many in each round depends on the amount of entries, of course). The winner of each preliminary round is then entered for the final round, where the ultimate winners of those glorious prizes above are chosen by voters. In every round, any voter is to PM me their top three favourite stories -- with 1 being your most favourite, and 3 being your least favourite.

When voting, you need a summary of the stories you're voting. The summaries must be at least one or two sentences to prove that you've actually read the stories. If you've submitted votes without summaries, your votes are not going to count, and you're not going to get paid for voting.

A week after the voting for that round starts, the votes will be tallied, and scores made out of them. When you vote for a story as your most favourite, you're giving them 3 points, and when you're voting for a story as your least favourite, you're giving them only 1 point. Second favourites get 2 points. If you've submitted a story and it's in a particular round, if you vote in that round, you get an extra 3 points. Isn't that nice? Whoever gets the highest score is the winner of that round.
Summer Snow by SORMEKI.
The Murderer of the Moors by BLAZEMASTER.
Liquid Heat by ARCTIC PENGUIN.
Heart of the Forest by PRINCESS CROW.
Revelations by GMANDIDDY.
Rotom by NITRO.
The Smokeless Fire by HUSHIE.
The Desert Traveller by JAKE434.
The Slowpoke Challenge by YELLOWMAGIKARP.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight by SMILES.
The Frost Games by LUCIOLE.
Agent X by EMBREON.
The Ultimate Story: 24 -- The First Domino by JACK OF CLOVERS.
New Intel by GLISCORMAN.
Exodus by ROULETTE.
Valiant by SLC04.
A Day in the Life by AIRIK.
Whistle While You Work by ZOLAR.
Feel free to ask any questions. Happy writing!

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