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Default Judge Dredd's Stats

Judge Dredd's ASBL Trainer Stats

General Stats

Name: Judge Dredd

Money: $40

Occupation: Trainer

Record: 3 Wins - 0 Ties - 1 Loses


Wisp (Rotom) (-)
Ability: Levitate.
Sig move: None

Iron Man (Beldum) (-)
Ability: Clear Body.
Sig move: None.

Jaws (Gible) ()
Ability: Sand Veil.
Sig move: None.

Conkeldurr (M)
Ability: Sheer Force
Obtain: PPRC
Sig Move: Show Off!
Conkeldurr's body is full of steroids, his power and strength can't be doubted anymore. By looking at his muscles, females are sure to be attracted and they fall in love with him, while the other males are jealous of his body appearance.
Type: Fighting | BP: - | Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10
Effect: The steroid monster shows off his muscle and strength to the enemy. This following effects active:
• If the target is a female, target falls in love with user (target = IFT for 6 actions with the following chance not to do anything: 50% - 50% - 25% - 20% - 15% 10%).
• If the target is male, target is jealous and Taunted to attack recklessly (ATK +2, ACC -2). Roll 1-3 and add 2 to the roll. The result is X. For X actions, including the current action, attempts by target to perform actions that do not deal damage will fail.
Usage Gap: Once per Pokemon or until either the impacted Pokemon or Conkeldurr is switched.

Fire Fly (Male)
Ability: Flame Body.
Sig move: None.

Big Blue (Salamence) (Female)
Ability: Intimidate
Sig move: None.

Meditite (Male)
Ability: Pure Power
Sig move: None.

Drifloon (Female)
Ability: Aftermath.
Sig move: None.

Chimecho (Male)
Ability: Levitate.
Sig move: None.

Walrein (Male)
Ability: Thick Fat.
Sig move: None.


Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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