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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Almost in Cherrygrove
Talking to a squishy human.

Lambda was a bit surprised when the girl seemed to react so violently to the thought of going to the refugee facility. It took a moment for him to recognize the name Pallet Town, but he turned around to face the human anyways. "You mean that town in the Kanto region? Unfortunately Dr. Robotnik decided to make an example of a couple cities before he was convinced to start bringing in refugees. And the war robots tend to be a little overzealous; that's what you get when you program a robot with the brains of a refrigerator. But anyways, what do you expect me to do? Do I really look like a war robot to you?" the little robot asked Zippy, crossing its spindly arms. It made a motion with its body in a phantomime of shaking its head.

"Well anyways, even if you don't want to stay you should at least come inside so I can download the troop movement schedules to your Pokegear so you can avoid the troop movements. Believe me, those things even shoot at me if I'm outside while they're moving through. I forget where exactly they're headed, somewhere in the Unova region last I heard. I didn't actually receive the full transmission," the little robot said, turning again and rolling in to Cherrygrove. The buildings were still standing, though there was a lot of construction equipment strewn about and some humanoid worker robots were ambling around constructing various things. The robot stopped around the Pokemon Center, turning around again. The door to one of the factory construction floors was open, with the entire skeletal structure rising up like some twisted metal corpse. "I'd advise avoiding the factory floor; the construction bots are known to drop things from up high, and it's very dangerous inside. A lot of the support structure hasn't been set up yet, so I don't think a hard hat would help that much. Anyway, follow me please!"

The little robot rolled to an oddly placed control panel in the middle of town, and went to pressing buttons. After a moment he smacked the panel a few times and, finally, there was a loud sparking sound before the ground in front of the little robot opened up, an elevator platform sliding upwards in to place before the hidden doors had a chance to finish opening. "The settlement is just down this elevator. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to set up environmental systems for an underground area like this. Please step on to the platform!"
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