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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: RU characters

There are many unwritten rules a person should learn throughout their lives. Do not tempt fate is one of the most important ones, especially if said person is in a battlefield, defending their fraction’s base against attacking robots. That’s why Cadence should never have even dared to think things were going decently. Since she, Socrates and Schrodinger had arrived on the scene, it seemed the defense effort had taken a positive turn. She continued to believe this, even after the forced withdrawal of an overwhelmed Hannah. It should have been a sign, the situation was about to get worse.

The enemy’s retreat, despite the increase in resistance from the Revolution’s end of things, had been quite unexpected. Cadence had calculated this would be a long, bitter fight, but it turned out the enemy had other plans.

See, when the Empire has “other plans”, it’s never a good thing. Destroying the Headquarters had apparently not been the prime objective of the enemy fraction. That left one alternative…

This is where the “tempting fate” issue came into play. The flurry of bullets flying across the yard stopped, which would normally have been a good thing. It wasn’t.

The assailant robots turned suicide bomber, echoes of explosions replaced the whizzing of bullets. It didn’t take long to understand what they were doing, charging the closest being and turning them into gory confetti.

Unfortunately, neither Cadence nor Socrates had the proper defensive gear to prevent themselves from meeting an identical fate should they become the next targets. Leaving the…

She didn’t have time to finish or act upon her thought, however. The next moments were a real blur, the P.I weaving through the rain of destruction, using the anthropomorphic cat’s voice as a beacon of sorts. He had her hand in his, never once did it loosen or falter, even as they neared the safety of their base.

The communications building was heavily reinforced, which was probably why it still stood, even after everything it was made to bare. Once inside, the piercing sound of countless deadly explosions was muffled some, much to the woman’s relief. Still, realising that most, if not all, of those sounds represented a live lost was a bit hard to swallow.

Her facial features didn’t allow this to show, however. By this point, Socrates had released his grip on her hand, and was wearing an ever familiar look on his face. A psychic link had been established, no doubt.

She sighed, moving her gaze to Schrodinger, who too appeared to be in communication. Judging by the look on his face, the news he was receiving was not pleasant in any way. This could only mean one thing, something had gone wrong. And, that something was more likely than not relating to the Chakram mission.

"Sh*t!" The anthropomorphic feline rarely used such a tone, as he shot more Badniks that had been heading their way. Still, Cadence knew better then to assume the robots had been the cause of his unusual curse…

When he turned her way, she’d braced herself for anything, or so the woman thought anyway. Still, before any significant words could be exchanged, Socrates filled a short lived pause.

"I have another plan. This one won't be destroyed instantly by one unseen order, as it is rather flexible." He started, referencing the now obsolete plan he’d conceived earlier. Cadence made no effort to stop him, carefully following along. She nodded and gestured a few times, although they were nothing too expressive, just enough to show understanding as he divulged his ideas.

Calling them ideas, though, sounded a little crude for some reason. Once the man finally stopped, Cadence made sure to get the first word in.

“I’d be hard pressed not to agree with that course of action,” she announced with a final firm nod, a much more concrete response then before. This was perfect, and it was a big push. The death and destruction occurring on the battlefield was proof something needed to be done.

“Before continuing, however, I would like to know what you were going to say,” Cadence added, turning towards Schrodinger.

That communications rookie
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Max (Tails)

Following Tails’ instructions, getting the requested item hadn’t been too difficult. Like a good underling, he had made sure not to touch anything else. Disobeying would more likely then land him in an unpleasant situation, especially considering some of the fox’s works. Ending up with a barbequed hand or a hole in his head didn’t seem like farfetched possibilities. Either way, he would rather avoid sustaining severe bodily injuries.

Heading back to the currently useless radio room, the rookie noticed the trio of higher ups from before, all hanging around the main doors. He couldn’t tell, from his distance, if they were even talking, but felt it was important. And possibly dangerous. It might be worth mentioning to Tails…

Delivering the goods, the younger man plopped himself down on his chair, holding back a sigh.

“I made sure to follow your instructions,” he made sure to announce before mentioning anything else. Though the twin-tailed fox didn’t really intimidate him much, it was good to say away from any high ranking member’s bad side.

“The people from before,” the rookie gave himself a mental slap for his poor wording, “were gathered at the main doors. It looked like something noteworthy might be happening.”

He couldn’t say what Tails would choose to do with the information, but despite the not-so-great start, felt content with himself. It was nice to feel a little positivity during such a grim time…

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