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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, En Route to Cinnabar Island
ARP's ~ None

Charlie reached the back end of the power plant and had run into the final room before Spectre popped up next to her. The room was silent and completely empty, there was nothing there and there never was. She looked at the ghost hoping at least her had found something but no luck. She grumbled before walking the rest of the way out of the Power Plant. Ok, so her plan wasn't goin too well, she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing. All she knew was that she had to find some stupid assed legendaries for eggman and get them turned into robots. She didn't exactly know how she was supposed to catch them, but she thought tricking them into going with her could be a good plan.

When she had got back outside she looked to Spectre with a knowing look at the ghost nodded before vanishing again. She sat down on the grass and took out another pokeball and opened it up to reveal a large fire lizard. The pokemon looked at his trainer strangely and tilted his head. Charlie let out a small giggle at that.

"Were traveling soon, your going to have to be my ride for a while." The Charizard nodded at this when Spectre appeared again, this time with a half singed map.

"This really the best you could find?" The Gengar nodded as Charlie sighed and placed it on the floor. She got her bearings and directions right and found her place on the map.

"Ok so we're here." She placed a finger on the map. "And we need to go here." He finger followed a straight route to Cinnabar Island. "Which means we need to go in that direction." She said pointing to somewhere behind her. She sighed, glad that Cinnabar hadn't need burned off the map and stuffed it in her pocked, for possible future reference. She went over to the Charizard and climbed onto his back, Spectre climbing onto her lap.

"Ok Fire Haz, let's go." Hazard grunted before opening his large wings and taking off in the direction that Charlie had pointed in earlier. Charlie smiled as she looked down at the changing scenery underneath her. She watched trees and mountains and caves and buildings rushed underneath her as Hazard sped towards Cinnabar. In no time Charlie could see the edge of the see.

"I hope to hell that we get some luck with Articuno." She grumbled and Spectre made a noise of agreement halway between a snore and a giggle.
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