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Default Re: [WAR XI] The Eggman Empire: Now Accepting Humans

Thanks, Sealboy. ^^ Your piece was REALLY awesome :D I never would have thought of having a radio show. Everybody else was just thinking of a standard radio-set, but you thought outside of the box.

I'm probably going to have to drop out of WAR though. We just got a huge Katrina-like storm here, and we aren't going to have power for a couple of weeks. D: I snuck to the hospital where my mom works so I could get on the internet today and inform you guys. Really sorry. I'm going to try to type up my entries really quickly while I can, but that's the same thing I did with last week's, and that obviously didn't go over so well. ^^'

EDIT: Yeah, it's official. I'm in a terrible mood by being pissed off by everything and I honestly don't think this is going to be much fun if I just whip up entries in two hours and watch them get horrible scores. Sorry for being so whiny guys, and good luck! :D
[12:38:20 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH" <---- Yup.
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."

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