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Default [WAR XI] Saraibre Ryu of GUN vs. Velocity of Revolution Uprising.

Battle: Single, 1 Pokemon each.
DQ: 24-hours.
Damage Caps: None.
Restrictions: No OHKOs (including Perish Song and Destiny Bond); three Chills.
Arena: Indigo Plateau: Water
A 50' by 50' square swimming pool enclosed by tiled blue walls. A few pedestals are scattered through the water for non-swimmers to stand on, including one for Trainers on either side. Smooth, blue, chlorine-laced water gleams below the pedestals. Because of the water, Pokemon who are particularly graceful swimmers will be able to move more quickly. The damage Water-type moves inflict will occasionally be boosted slightly.
Roll 1-100 for every Water move used. If the roll is less than 30, the move's damage will be multiplied by 1.25. Swift Swim is always active as long as the Pokemon who has the ability is in the water.
Ref Style: Open.
Saraibre Ryu will send her Pokemon.
Velocity will send her Pokemon and moves.
Saraibre Ryu will post his moves.
Someone will Ref.
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