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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Hmm...I'll probably have multiple NPC references, however, I'm not too sure if there will be more than OCs that my chars interact with, aside from Jovi and the obvious ones there, like her mother and Prof. Krane, maybe Michael, but I have a feeling he's off doing something else "more important" somewhere else, much to Jovi's displeasure. Meanwhile Cissnei and family's contacts probably won't extend to more than the other Turks/once-Turks and a handful of possible NPCs.

And Sight, don't worry about mid-timeline Yuna, X-2 was nothing but fanservice and massively confusing plot anyway, from what I got. (I haven't played through X all the way, and my knowledge of the rest of X and X-2 from a very ill-tempered game reviewer known for his hate of any FF game beyond why he reviewed VIII, X, and X-2, aside from comedy and headdesking factor, I dunno.) That aside, don't feel too bad, Cissnei was ripped mid-timeline as well, supposedly she was there for the end of VII, but I haven't played the game that whole story is from thanks to the fact it never made it out of Japan.

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