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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon (IceDevimon) | DemiDevimon (Myotismon)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Popshakes, Sheepat, Obliveon

Things were beginning to look up for us. Birdramon and Monochromon had reached the Ogremon and unknown Digimon and engaged the larger beasts, assisting the smaller Digimon as it fired off an electric attack at its assailants. Antylamon abruptly DeDigivolved back to Lopmon after being confronted by the MagnaAngemon. IceDevimon had lifted Mummymon into the air, releasing him after flying up a good hundred feet; for good measure, he unleashed a particularly vicious Avalanche Claw. The attack struck Mummymon, adding a considerable amount of force and momentum to the cruel Digimon’s fall. When he hit the ground it was with enough power to create a small crater a few feet deep. A plume of dust and dirt exploded from the ground where he struck; when it faded, Mummymom had already reverted back to data. IceDevimon landed a moment later, absorbing his enemy’s free data and standing motionless for a moment.

A quick glance over at Myotismon’s battle saw the other vampiric Digimon abruptly rushing towards Birdramon and Monochromon. A streak of crimson whipped from his hand as he reached the others, lashing out at Monochromon as the horned Digimon charged at an Ogremon. His attack struck Monochromon along the back, earning a bellow of pain and surprise from the bulky creature. He turned just as the enemy Myotismon attacked again, this time catching Monochromon along the face. Crackling sparks of energy leapt from the main whip and into Monochromon’s eyes, blinding him as he roared in agony.

“No!” the Digimon’s partner shrieked in distress as Myotismon attacked a third time, snaking the Crimson Lightning around Monochromon’s neck and snapping his arms first to the left, then the right. There was a sharp crack and Monochromon abruptly crumpled into a giant gray heap. Monochromon’s partner, Keith, made a strangled noise and took a step forward before suddenly collapsing, gasping and wheezing as the shock from Monochromon’s unexpected demise hit him. I could feel it, too; it was too brutal, too quick. It shouldn’t have been possible…

Before the Myotismon could even think to absorb Monochromon’s decaying data, my partner Myotismon careened into him with an unintelligible string of what sounded like curses. I could feel his rage, felt it overcome my shock and fill me with anger. It took all I had not to charge screaming into the fight myself, but a moment later the murderer managed to break free from Myotismon, darting over to Lopmon before anyone could focus on him. My mind was taken from that when Myotismon came rushing over, practically barreling into Keith in his haste to get at the youth’s Digivice. Thankfully Keith just kept it in his pocket, rather than clipped to his belt, and a moment later he’d retrieved what he was after. He then returned to where Monochromon’s data was beginning to dissipate; as soon as he was close enough, the Digivice emitted a soft glow that attracted the floating data to it. Within seconds it was safely stored within the tiny device, which Myotismon the returned to Keith. The boy took it carefully, as though it would vanish at the slightest touch, then clutched it to his chest with a relieved sob.

“Thank you,” he said, stuttering around his tears. Myotismon didn’t reply, but instead faced his enemy with a look of hatred. I could tell that he wanted to go over and rip the other Myotismon to pieces. IceDevimon had taken Monochromon’s place at some point to help deal with the Ogremon, but I knew he was furious as well and would have preferred to bash the other Myotismon’s face in.

“You’re outnumbered!” Myotismon called to the Lopmon, fury in his voice. “I suggest surrendering, unless you wish to end up like your allies.”


Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Springfield, Ohio, United States
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: CM

Shitai didn’t know who Kain was, but the two arguing about who should Digivolve and who shouldn’t was making the young woman even more angered than she was already. Even though she wished she could show just how thoroughly irate she was, she remained as passive and unexpressive as ever. After a few moments, the black-haired one motioned towards Quetzalmon and asked, "Can he Digivolve into a form that can fly, or would you need a ride?"

“He cannot Digivolve further,” Shitai replied with a shrug. “I would need a ride, yes.” She bit back the urge to add her partner was useless, instead shooting him an unreadable look. Quetzalmon recoiled slightly from the action; even though her voice had been bland and her expression blank, they struck him harder than a scream and a glare. He gave a faint whine, barely audible even to himself, but didn’t offer a response as Shitai turned back to the DigiDestined before them. Before she could say anything, there was a sudden decrease in digital energy. If she was mad before, the young woman was livid now.

That fool! What good is a lure if it gets eaten before the prey can take it!?

“It seems as though the fighting is coming to an end,” she said after taking a moment to recover a bit of coherence from her anger. “Though it is impossible to say if it is potential allies or potential enemies that are winning. Perhaps we should decide quickly so we can try to reach the battle before it is fully decided?”
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