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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Kris's mini SU... so tempted to flesh it out and snag her as my own, but I'll keep her an NPC for now X3

Name: She’ll introduce herself as Kris

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Note that Kris has kept her original bag and on cooler days, will wear her old short jacket.

Personality: Kris is serious, hard working and determined, but not to the point of being dangerous to herself. She does, however, not tolerate laziness or slacking off too well and isn’t afraid of letting it show. In fact, Kris doesn’t hide raw emotion too often, the trade being that they are rarely overwhelming. She is friendly enough though and quite a useful person to have around, as her knowledge of Pokémon (pre-Sinnoh, with a few exceptions) is extensive and relevant.

It may also be worth noting that Kris is fairly lacking in terms of being able to use the newest technologies and is more at home with 4-5-ish year old gear.

Her lack of memories has, in general, done little to her personality, although she is a little more hesitant and self-conscious then before.

Home World: Pokémon (Johto)

History: Kris doesn’t remember much about her past, only being from the town of New Bark, a boy named Gold/Hibiki and her Pokémon. Everything else was erased in a freak encounter with a particular legendary and Kris has spent the last years in a coma, lost to the world. The nature of the incident has caused many to forget her existence, with only a few still recognising Kris’s name. Her presence may be enough to stir masked memories in certain, however.

Despite not knowing it, the girl was one of the first trainers ever to be followed by the rookie Professor Elm. Selecting Chikorita, she set out to catch ‘em all and challenge the many gyms in the land. She made it past Chuck, and her team’s levels and experience reflect this.

Her own realisation of what happened is still foggy, it is worth noting.

Bayleef-Female-Mint (starter)

Togetic-Male-Bliss (given by Elm)

Pikachu- Male-Jolt (hatched from random egg given at the Daycare)

Eevee-Female-Star (intended evolution: Espeon, gift from Bill)

Lapras-Male-Pacific (Union Cave capture)

Magmar-Male-Blitz (random burned tower encounter)

(Furret-Female-Scout (first Pokémon caught)

Shuckle-Male-Berry (lent by a paranoid guy in Cianwood)

Sudowoodo-Male-Trick (was blocking the road, caught))*

*The final three Pokémon were boxed, but have somehow found themselves back on Kris’s roster. They are less powerful then her main six.

Link: N/A

Other: Kris has had a long time crush on her good friend Gold/Hibiki and it will most likely resurface should they meet.

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