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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

Character Three
Name: Jessica “Jessie” Moore
Birthday and Age: December 12th, 1995 (16)
Are they Mutated?: Yes
Appearance: Jessie is much more preoccupied with functionality than appearance. From her hair to her clothes, everything is kept with the idea of getting the job done in mind. She is of average height, although her spiky, short black hair adds about half an inch to that. There are a few blemishes on her olive features, but Jessie’s striking electric blue eyes are often distraction enough, and if not the nose stud that matches her earrings proves plenty else to look at. Her mother claims that she is also beginning to develop faint worry lines from not smiling enough, but Jessie takes that advice with a grain of salt.

Her outfits often consist of jeans and a tight band-t-shirt underneath a jean vest. To this day, no one has seen Jessie in a dress, skirt, or heels, although unsubstantiated rumors and jokes always pop up among her friends whenever a dance is coming up. Jessie just isn’t too eager to venture into a whole new world of clothing, especially when she’s become rather comfortable with her current style. After all, if she can get away with wearing the same kind of black DCs year after year, why should she have to change anything else? But now that her previously fit body is beginning to weaken, Jessie is hiding her weakened arms with alterations to her usual form, swapping out her vest for a jean jacket and just generally trying to conceal the fact that her arms are slowly becoming little more than skin and bone.

Personality: Jessie is strong and self-assured, although it’s taken a bit of a hit by her mutation weakening her. One of her friends compared Jessie to a force of nature and that isn’t too far off. She can be very motivated when she sets her mind to it, but those ambitions have been mostly limited to perfecting new tricks or sneaking out of her house to go to a concert. Jessie has a contempt for authority and casually tosses around curses around them, mostly because it’s just entertaining. She’s a girl who lives in the now, although her mutation has forced her to look at things a little more long term and to become a little more withdrawn.

Jessie is widely regarded as the kind of girl that you don’t want to get mixed up with. Not because she has a reputation of ‘easy’, but because if you ever made that kind of insinuation to her face, you’d probably get a black eye for your trouble. Jessie’s temper is something that she has to work very hard at and it has lead to more than one instance of her being profane to an authority figure. Jessie’s few friends go a great deal to keeping her at ease, and are probably the only people who can convince her to let something go. Even though she enjoys their company, Jessie still keeps secrets from her friends and respects their own right to keep things hidden. She has told no one about being altered, she thinks that it will mean being ostracized as a freak, and the negative publicity caused by mutate criminals has done nothing to help. More than anything, Jessie wants to go back to being normal.

History: Jessie lived her whole life in a good middle class, two parent household. She was an only child and was fairly content with that set-up, receiving as much affection as her busy mom and dad could afford. She wasn’t an outgoing child and didn’t interact with her first non-cousin child until the first day of kindergarten. Jessie didn’t even make it through the half day before beating up a boy for trying to take some of her blocks. Just like that, a reputation had been made. For the next eight years, teachers expected a problem student and Jessie rose to the challenge. Her permanent record is full of visits to the principle, and suspensions. Expulsion was suggested more than once, but her parents always managed to convince her to toe the line for the rest of the year.

After listening to an Avril Lavigne CD her aunt gave her for her 9th birthday, Jessie went through a very punk phase and while she branched out later in middle school, her nose piercing was still an act of rebellion. In addition to mutilation, the Canadian singer also inspired Jessie to take up skateboarding, starting a love that continues to today and is responsible for most of her current friends. At the skate park, for the first time in years, Jessie found people who didn’t think of her as that psychopath girl on sight. They still judged her as a poor skater, but it didn’t take long to pop that chauvinist bubble. Mutual respect started conversations and started friendships and the people that she met at the park have gone a way towards mellowing Jessie out, although she still hasn’t gone a year without getting into a fight.

At the time of the eclipse, Jessie was at an end-of-school bonfire. Even though summer school meant that she couldn’t throw her own notebooks in the blaze, it was a great way to welcome the greater freedom that summer would offer. Over the next few weeks, Jessie found herself alternating between her usual mediocre and getting perfect on her assignments. Her head had begun to hurt and running up the three flights of stairs to get to class tired her out when it hadn’t before. Things would move around her room while she slept and the things people said wouldn’t match up with the movements of their mouth. Jessie thought it might have been a summer flu, or something, but then something happened.

Walking home from summer school, Jessie was accosted by a homeless man. She did her best to ignore him, but as he followed her, shouting drunkenly after her, anger began to build up. She turned around and verbally assaulted the man before starting back on her way. Unfortunately, the man did not stop after her threat of tearing off a vulnerable part of his anatomy and making him eat it. Fuming, Jessie still kept her distance from the man and pictured the diagram of the human anatomy that she had just read in class. Concentrating on the arteries, she imagined his heart stopping. Suddenly, Jessie heard a gasp from behind her and spun around to see the homeless man collapsing to the ground clutching his chest. With a scream, Jessie hurried home and tried to come with terms with what she had done.

She had become a freak and a murderer. She hung out with her friends a few time, but refused to get on a board. Instead she focused on hiding her new abilities and what she had done. Luckily, her distance had gone virtually unnoticed by her parents giving Jessie time to try and develop her abilities.

Your Character’s Relationships:
Michael Barret
Jessie met Michael during summer break after fifth grade. He was the first one that talked to her at the skate park and they quickly developed a bit of a rivalry. Every day, Jessie would go to the skate park and either practice or compete with him. By the time school had started, they had become good friends. Two years later, Michael came to Jessie shortly after he exploded at Chance. They talked for hours before something clicked between them; Michael was Jessie's first kiss. Luckily, nothing came from the resulting two weeks of hand-holding. She thinks of Michael as her closest friend is afraid that telling him about being mutated would isolate her again.

Chance Ansley
Jessie doesn't really know Chance as well as his foster brother, but thanks to Conifer's relatively small public school system, she's had him in classes before and seen him around. Their conversations have been limited, either relating to school or Michael's whereabouts. Lately though, Jessie has noticed a few changes in Chance's behavior, but these have been mostly disregarded as she focuses on her own problems.

Other: Jessie is still a huge Avril Lavigne fan and hides it from her friends. She has an old CD player and CDs under her bed, and she listens to it when feeling particularly stressed.

Altered Subsection
Pokémon: Alakazam
Abilities: While Jessie struggled to maintain a C-average in school last year, being altered this summer has given her intelligence an incredible boost. While part of this stems from her newfound eidetic memory, a much more interesting gift also appeared. Unfortunately this gift comes with the limitations of being limited to short, uncontrolled bursts. But when they hit, man, do they hit. Jessie becomes able to make incredible leaps of intuition and logic, often complicated deductive processes performed in a matter of seconds. Even when in her new normal state, Jessie also possesses minor telekinetic and telepathic abilities. These are mostly limited to manipulating small objects with great precision and sensing the general mood and feelings of those around her and require great concentration. These gifts are not without a cost though, Jessie’s bones are becoming more fragile and her previously fit body is beginning to lose muscle because of the mutation. This is just one more reason for her to want a cure for her condition.
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