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Lydia Applegate | Biyomon | Lopmon
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Lopmon felt the blow from MagnaAngemon's fist. It was enough to shatter a mundane Digimon in half - literally, but he held back. She lowered her head, standing up shakily on her own two stubby feet. Her head hung low but a dark grin formed on her face. It quickly erased itself when her ally, Myotismon, placed his cold hand upon her petite body. She looked up to see anger and fear in his complexion. She used her long, chocolate ears to scurry up his body, resting her grasp around his neck and right shoulder. Then the words from another Myotismon bellowed towards her and her ally.

“You’re outnumbered!” Myotismon called to the Lopmon, fury in his voice. “I suggest surrendering, unless you wish to end up like your allies.”

She spat on the ground below her, giving the MagnaAngemon one last glare, "This isn't over, pretty boy~ I WILL have my revenge with you AND your creamy puff ally over there!" She growled, pointing her stubby arm at Gargomon, giving the rabbit one last glare as well. With that, she tapped Myotismon on the shoulder, ushering him to retreat. As he turned around and lunged back towards where they had came from he paused, looking out towards Mammothmon and Ogremon, "What about them, ma'am?" He hesitantly motioned, paused in mid-lunge.

Lopmon gave the other allies a glance but motioned to continue going, "They will be data soon enough, Myotismon. Leave them for the DigiScum that dare call themselves DigiDestined..." She hissed, feeling a pit of anger welling up from her core. How DARE Lydia compromise the mission... she almost... no, wait, she COULD have gotten me killed by pretty boy over there... or worse, if not him then the cream puff... Her nails dug into Myotismon's shoulder with the thought of losing her digital existence to MagnaAngemon or Gargomon. She was that close too - but the angel showed pity for her. He won't be as lucky next time... no pity... no remorse. I will rip his wings from him one-by-one... She smiled at this thought. To her, it was pleasant and gave the utmost satisfacation. Then Myotismon stopped and began running in a whole new direction, his hands reaching up to Lopmon, grasping her, and throwing her to the ground like she was a piece of garbage.

"Myotismon! Lopmon hollered, using her ears to keep her body upright and her hands barely touched the ground behind her. She was in a state of shock as the dust that formed from her being thrown dispersed. She saw that Myotismon didn't stop and come back for her. Instead, she saw him rushing into the heat of battle after she told him to leave their comrades, "Fool! You're just going to end up like the rest of them!" She cried, pushing herself up to stand and she tried using her ears to 'fly' over to the battle herself.

Biyomon was protecting the motionless-Lydia from harm, keeping her covered by a light piece of debris that was leaning up against a tree. He managed to drag her underneath the large cover, trying to keep his tamer from any more avoidable harm that she could endure on her fragile body. He was sitting the most obvious entrance towards Lydia when he noticed Myotismon hurrying their way. Had they retreated...? Or is it that other tamer's Digimon...? He reluctantly thought, standing up, stretching his small wings apart in a stance that read: Do not pass! Alas, he was worried for naught. He spotted the chocolate rabbit upon his shoulder and realized the worse had become of their army - either defeated or about to be defeated. Of course Lopmon would hitch a ride to her own safety.... He thought in disdain but then suddenly the Myotismon acted upon some unknown force and threw Lopmon into the ground and began to run in the opposite direction. Biyomon cocked his head slightly in confusion. He listened to his partner scream at the bipedal Digimon and then her attempt to catch up - which failed. He shook his head with a sigh, "Lopmon! Leave him be and help me look after Lydia! She needs us, piyo!" He cawed, hoping she heard him.

Lopmon had stopped at her attempt to catch up almost as fast as she started. She heard featherbrain's call and turned around, seeing the pink bird with a sleeping Lydia behind him. She rolled her eyes but knew he was right. She needed to protect her tamer if she were to enjoy the satisfaction of revenge later on. She hopped into the air and flapped her ears over to the nearby team.

Myotismon had no intention of doing what he just did. He was bound on following his general's orders but something inside ushered him back. He needed to assist his comrades, even if that meant losing his data. Ogremon and Mammothmon were the sole survivors and in order for the mission to be a success - in his eyes - he would need to do his part... and that meant on destroying those who destroyed Arukenimon and Mummymon.
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