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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio
Affected: Popshakes (In the form of Myotismon and Mammothmon)

The Lopmon, she had survived the punch. She was actually still standing. That surprised Angle. That meant it was tough. Angle should have finished her. That would have been best. Lexin would have commanded Angle to do it. Sadness welled in the MagnaAngemon's heart a bit, imagining those disappointed eyes of Lexin's whenever he did something wrong.

"This isn't over, pretty boy~ I WILL have my revenge with you AND your creamy puff ally over there!" the Lopmon pointed at Terry.

It made Angle angry, the Lopmon trying to goad him. But now he looked at Lexin's second partner. He did a small double take at the sight.

The Gargomon was a frozen mess. Lexin was there.... why was Lexin there? He shouldn't be there. He should be behind something to protect him... the MagnaAngemon's tamer was about to be crushed by a Mammothmon.

He charged, his wings flapping at high speed, and he smashed into the elephant-like Ultimate. It wasn't a strong blow, as the Mammothmon was heavier than Angle anticipated, but it was enough to make it stumble a bit, stop its charge. He drew his blade, the purple energy giving him relief. If worse came to worst, he could always cut through the monster that attacked his tamer.

“Aim for his tusks, Angle,” Lexin said.

So young Virtik's immaturity had left him. Terry was safe now (though still partly frozen) so the priority now was to win, always to win.

Angle flew, slashing at the Mammothmon's head. It trumpeted out in surprise, as its right tusk fell to the ground, ivory chips breaking off. Angle swung again, the left tusk shattering. Angle now knew the kill was...

A Myotismon clawed at him, pushing him away from the Mammothmon. A Crimson Lightning appeared in the enemy's hands. He whipped at Angle, who deflected it with his sword.

Of course, Angle thought, Even as a fallen angel he feels the need to defend those in trouble.

So Angle charged at the Myotismon, the Mammothmon standing stock-still, its once-brilliant tusks broken, lying on the ground.
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