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[Morimon/Roaramon: Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: True Digidestined][ARPs: Don't know]

Mormon whirled as two digimon entered to help him. He watched them fighting the Ogremon. The Monochromon that had suddenly show up was attacked and Morimon watched as it was destroyed, leaving behind a quickly thining mist of data.

He turned to see a Myotismon had been the attacker. He growled lowly, but his burden was already too much with the two Ogremon, despite the help he was getting. He turned back to the green Digimon as an IceDevimon flew in to help him.

He charged at the Ogremon, roaring furiously and snapped his teeth shut on the arm of one of them. It screeched and grabbed Morimon's back legs. It pulled hard, trying to get him to let go, but his teeth were firmly stuck in the Digimon's arm.

Morimon charged up, taking some energy from the enemy itself, then let loose yet another Thunder Cannon. This one finished the job. The Ogremon faded away into nothing but data, and Morimon was dropped to the ground. He absorbed the rival Digimon's data and swung his head to look at the other Ogremon.

Before either of them could do anything, an incredibly bright light shone from Morimon. He was surrounded by the familar feeling of a data field and felt himself changing. When the feeling left, a new Digimon emerged. He stood still and quiet in a majestic pose. His fur was glistening white and he had thick elecrtick green claws. His 6 tails were now 9 and he had a large, thick patch of bright yellow fur on his chest.

Roaramon opened his steel gray eyes. They were focused on the Ogremon, who looked terrified. All Roaramon did was open his mouth and a brilliant blast of light hit the Ogremon dead center. The blast was amazingly fast, a Sonic Shockwave, and the Ogremon faded away. Roaramon turned to face the remaining enemies.
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