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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

((We interrupt this WAR for MORE EON SKY!!!!!!!!! And YES, Eon Sky is NOT DEAD! Just...Badly delayed for no real reason. Sorry about that.))

There was more to that message that sent us the cheery news that most of the men of a group of Knights-the one that was with Blizzard-were slaughtered by a poison. Of course, Sans Blizzard. The good news was that he accidentally stumbled into Bavaden's group, and he knew better than to shun him off or simply think the story of the poisonous vines wasn't the truth-Blizzard even took a corpse with him on the off-chance he did encounter Bavaden, apparently. That was just one piece of news.

Another piece: Continue the search, fragment into smaller groups from there. Bavaden's group, consisting of six Knights, Bavaden and Blizzard (One Knight got crushed by a root, the other was stabbed by one of the wooden splinters, and their Pokémon, sans Blizzard's and another Kricketune, were kidnapped or killed during a raid by wilds) would fragment into two groups-one of 3 knights and Bavaden, another of 3 others and Blizzard. He asked of us to split our numbers into a group of four Knights and a group of three Knights and myself-but then he heard that one of the Knights snuffed it, and only two Pokes remained, then thought a minute, then sent back a message-that we split into two groups nevertheless, one consisting of four knights and one consisting of two knights and I, determined by the two largest Knights going with me, and the four smaller knights going without. Bavaden also gave the group that was Sans Volteer the Exploud, and my group would get the Kricketune. It meant that there were ten combat-ready beings in my group, and only six in the other. They weren't happy about that.

We went our separate ways at once, hoping to get further news. They took Exploud and took a directly northern path, while we went northeast. The roots were still an ever-present annoyance, and Pokémon...They were watching from above. They looked enraged by the presence of the Knights and I, but wary to attack twice, namely because we were that bad***. I was still concerned about what happened if they did-because we had much more members before the attack. It was like Bavaden wanted me dead, and as much as humanly possible. Those Pokémon, to my newfound irritation (but not my outright rage) were making that obviously insulting gesture at the group as a whole, though this angered the two knights nearby me more so than I or my own Pokémon, to who the gesture was foreign.

At least they didn't attack us...We walked, continuing our lonely trip, once the Pokémon fanned out to do whatever they were planning on.

<"Nice day we're having."> Telepathed Issac, almost mockingly. At least, that's how it sounded.

"Shut up." I thought.

<"Well, if we do shut up, that would inquire us leaving you, meaning we can't tell if you're dead. So no, you'll have to put up with him. And me and Mario, if they annoy you too."> Karazin added.

"I'm quite annoyed of not being able to get into my head peacefully, so mind that." I thought. Ugh. I was having headaches.

<"Oh, just power through. Find the Princess, keep an eye and an ear out for news, evade murder attempts, and above all...Avoid dying.">

"Easy for the guy whose head isn't hurting like hell." I said, when a Knight stopped me.

".......Alright, what is it?" Said the other Knight.

"I heard something." Said the Knight that stopped me.

"What was it? Are you sure it's not Shaymin getting into your head?"

"I heard screaming. Men's screaming., in agony…To the east."

I picked my ears up, straining to hear the sound. When the active chattering of Pokémon was around you, you'd be even harder-pressed to hear a specific loud sound. But there it was-for a second, anyway. Loud and in extreme pain. To the east. And it stopped abruptly.

It only meant one thing: They either were dead or managed to escape. Or just stopped yelling over it.

"...I'll...Check." The other Knight said, turning to the Kricketune, whispering into its ear. It played a quick tune. A few minutes later, it shook its head.

"So, now we're the only knights left from our group. Tis Weird, how the Volteers are being saved the fates being administered upon us." The Kricketune Knight said.

"...Do you think Shaymin likes Volteers?" Said the Knight holding me.

"I don't know. Our King dislikes Volteers, but I see no reason for something that should drain the power away from Legends to have an ally in a legend...Or maybe she's wary of them?" The Kricketune Knight said.

"...I...I don't know. Maybe the Volteers ARE Legends?" said the Knight holding me.

"OK, that's just perposter-Oh, Oh my." Said the Kricketune Knight, drawling his sword. The Knight holding me let go. I could clearly see why.

A giant snake was blocking the path-but not just any old Snake. This Snake was green, its head popping out of a 'vest' in its body, and the tail having some kind of ferns extending from it before it ended. Its body seemed to have the texture of grass. Two vines were coming out of the back. It was currently looking at us, using its body to get its head up as high as possible, glaring down, angrily, surveying us. We were too close to its turf for it to be comfortable, it seemed.

"What is that?" A knight said. The best phrase to put it at: I was clueless myself, as were the three voices inside my head.

"Huh? What is that thing?!"

"I swear I've seen that somewhere before, it's important, but how?! And what can it do?!"

"I've Never seen anything like the d**m thing!"

The thing did NOT wait for the initial surprise wear off before its true intentions were revealed: Killing s**t. It snaked up to the Knight farther from me and shot a suspicious seed at the Kricketune, right in the mouth. It took seconds for the poor thing to have vines growing inside and outside it, and no sooner was this accomplished than did the Kricketune die.

"Holy s**t, that is ONE violent ba****d!" I yelled. I soon found myself dodging a lash of the tail from the massive Grass Snake, an Iron Tail to be specific. The Knights Drew arms-and at this point, it happened that my sight noticed a certain chip on the back of the serpent’s head, camouflaged well with its skin and not making any noise or sending off any really visible sirens, but still blinking a small, green light. That couldn't be good.

And as if a very stealthy chip on the back of a head of a f***ing mad, giant grass snake (said grass snake part being quite literal) was bad enough, then came the vines. Yep, the snake made a hissing sound, and out from the ground popped up two massive tree-like vines, tree-like in having bark, yet also sporting some sort of flexibility and massive spikes. Considering the vivid hues and the smell, I thought they were poisonous.

As if it couldn't get any worse...THEN, the same vines as before popped up all around us, forming a slightly tight circle we were trapped within, and then bending to form a dome. It was us and the Serperior, and nowhere to run. The Serperior seemed irked about this as well, but not as if it was unexpected. Rather, it seemed as if it was annoyed, like unneeded help came to its benefit.

"Ugh, I asked of her NOT to intervene! I can deal with these fools myself!!" The Snake said, sounding like nothing more than a hiss to the Knights, who promptly started to sweat a little. It possibly came off as angry. However, the true message was irritation, like these foes were a cakewalk. "...Humph. Regardless, HAVE AT YEE!!" The Grass Snake yelled at his foes, seemingly ignoring me entirely, when jumping at his chosen target, the Knight farther from me.

Swish! A slash took at the Snake before its bite did. It failed to take too much on the snake fortunately for itself, but the wound still stuck. The Snake slithered back. "A 'Serperior?' Unlike what I've ever heard of before...Humph. Regardless, HAVE AT YEE!!" The Knight landing the blow yelled, before taking a charge at the 'Serperior.'

However, an Iron Tail took care of the slash, knocking the knight off his feet and into the air. It seemed to not do too much to the Knight, the blessings of the chain mail, but he did land on the vines surrounding the Serperior...And got slightly pierced by one of the spikes...He breathed heavily for a few seconds, then randomly died, kind of like the fates of the Pokémon dumb enough to cross Septim’s poisons.

"A mockery of me?! How dare he!" The Serperior said, gloating and raging over his victory against the first knight. While looking, I could tell the chip was now bleeping red. Uh-oh. If the chip bleeping at all was bad, this was probably worse.

"...What could do that?!" The surviving Knight said, looking at the fallen ally.

"Roseblade." Muttered the Audino in Poke-speak (as to not tip off the Knight). He looked concerned about the thorns, yet totally calm, despite the Knight’s instant death.

"What..." I said, acting as a response to the Knight and Septim.

"Roseblade, fatal poison. Classified as a Neurotoxin, but it's really just a minor poison that's too akin to the mental signal for death for the body to note it. It's basically fatal on-contact, unless you're a Pokémon that produces it...I’m not sure about Legends. And it still is kind of painful to get stabbed by those thorns, poison-immune or no, so I'd just stay away." Septim said, quite logically and coolly, surprising me a little.

"What the f***?! I thought you were some kind of worthless playboy!" Lesha yelled, quite astonished by the flair of IQ, certainly more than I.

"Oh, what, now you're interested? Cool." Septim said, smirking a little. Maybe he was a bit of a playboy. Or maybe Lesha looked good. In repsonse, Lesha batted her teenage-ish brain against her palm (She seemed to be a Teenager at this point in time, for all her mature actions and attempts to look and act bada** despite being positively cute).

"Dude, do NOT touch those things, DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Even if it means charging at it isn't an option, don't do it! Getting poked by those spikes is FATAL." I said to the only surviving non-Pokémon ally I had.

"I NEEDED a reminder?!" Was his response. Good, he was smart.

Now, to wrestle a snake in a duel for life and death...For a brief minute, I saw the image of the snake wrapping his body around my neck and snapping it as I attempted to crush his body. Not a fun idea. Regardless of that, it was time to HAVE AT HIM!!...And not get stabbed by poisonous spikes while doing that.
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