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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

I thought I would put up a FF character, mainly because I just recently started playing FFX-2 again, so heeeeeeeeere's Rikku~
Also I thought she would be perfect with her link and pokemons and such.

Name: Rikku
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Clickeh
Personality: Rikku is a kind-hearted, spirited, happy-go-lucky and energetic individual. She looks up to Lulu as something of a role model, being impressed with her calm level-headed nature. She is child-like and is extremely playful, she constantly tries to keep a positive outlook and often refers to gloomy or annoying people as 'big meanies'. When she is sad or upset, and despite her outwardly happy exterior, she seems to carry some insecurities, particularly when it comes to her own future and what she wants to be.

Home World: FF (Spira)
History: Massive spoilers for the FFX and FFX-2 games, the history might me a little long...

After Tidus gets trapped in the Underwater Ruins, he is rescued by a group of Al Bhed. Rikku, as the only member who can speak both Al Bhed and Spiran, objects when her friends think Tidus is a fiend in human disguise and want to kill him. Rikku stops them, but knocks Tidus unconscious with a punch to the gut to stop his protesting.

On their salvage ship, Rikku enlists Tidus to help reactivate an underwater power plant - doing a much better job than her brother's rather-comical pantomiming - in which the Al Bhed then find a sunken airship and salvage it. Striking up a friendship with Tidus although rather surprised by his claims of hailing from Zanarkand, she promises to take him to Luca so that he can try and find someone he knows. However, the two are separated when Tidus is washed overboard by a surprise encounter with Sin.


Rikku meets Tidus and co again, when the group is crossing the Moonflow, while she is piloting an underwater machina in hopes of kidnapping Yuna and stopping her pilgrimage. However, her machina is beaten by Tidus and Wakka, and she washes ashore. Tidus finds her collapsed on the beach, and is happy to see her alive and well after Sin's attack. When the others come along, Tidus nearly lets slip that she is an Al Bhed, but stops himself because of Wakka's strong hatred towards them. Rikku asks to become Yuna's guardian and Auron forces her to look him in the eye, revealing herself to be an Al Bhed to him, but he, like everyone else, keeps it secret from Wakka. With Yuna's approval, Rikku joins the group as the last guardian.

At Guadosalam, Rikku assists Tidus with creating better weapons by fusing them with items. She spends time enjoying the Guado's hospitality until the group reaches the Farplane, where she stays outside with Auron, saying that she prefers to keep her memories inside, quoting an Al Bhed saying, "Memories are nice, but that's all they are."

Rikku follows Tidus to the ledge overlooking Guadosalam's plaza and strikes up a conversation. She asks Tidus if Yuna will be getting married, and when he replies no, gives him a playful elbowing and points out that this could be his big chance at a relationship with Yuna.


Wakka discovers Rikku is an Al Bhed when Brother and a group of Al Bhed try to kidnap Yuna again using a tank-like machina. Wakka is deeply disgusted and blames the Al Bhed's use of forbidden machina for the reason of Sin's birth. Afterward, Tidus either rides with Rikku, Lulu, Auron, or Kimahri to Macalania Temple. At Macalania Temple, a guard, disbelieving that an Al Bhed could be a guardian to a summoner, initially denies Rikku entry until Auron comes to her defense, telling him that wanting to be Yuna's guardian by choice should be enough to enable her to enter the temple, regardless of her race. The guard relents and allows her entry. After the group kills Seymour and pursued by the Guado, everyone soon falls to the bottom of Macalania Lake, where they encounter Sin.


Everyone finds themselves on Bikanel Island, where Rikku reluctantly leads them to Home, only to find it has been attacked by the Guado, and that many of her friends have been killed. Rikku helps the group reach her father Cid, and she also reveals to Tidus that Yuna is going to die if she performs the Final Summoning, which triggers an emotional breakdown for both. They escape on the Fahrenheit, which the Al Bhed had managed to restore from their salvage operation. Rikku is saddened by the senseless destruction of Home over the course of the trip to Bevelle. Wakka - deeply upset by the Guado attack, but also moved by the Al Bhed's well-intentioned motives for kidnapping summoners - tries to cheer her up, saying, "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?", though she tearfully reprimands him to "cram your happy festival, you big meanie!"

At Bevelle, Rikku helps rescue Yuna by tossing a flash bomb to blind Seymour and the warrior monks after the wedding ceremony, so that the group can retreat into Bevelle Temple, where she shows little surprise that the Yevon clergy is ignoring its own teachings regarding machina. After Kinoc holds them up, Rikku tries to warn Tidus not to leave the Chamber of the Fayth, but it is too late, and they are arrested and held on trial. Rikku is thrown into the Via Purifico with Tidus and Wakka, and they escape from the dungeon's monster. As they hide in the Macalania Woods, Rikku hopes Yuna would give up her pilgrimage now that they know the truth about Yevon and its corruption. Rikku feels she can't stop her cousin since the pilgrimage is so important to her, so she convinces Tidus to go talk her out of it. After coming back from the spring, Tidus has not been able to convince her to quit.


When arriving in the Calm Lands, Rikku and Tidus desperately try coming up with a plan on how to save Yuna from being killed, but cannot think of anything. During the group's ascent to the Zanarkand Ruins, she becomes increasingly distraught over Yuna's fate and argues repeatedly with Tidus over other possible courses of action. Rikku is overjoyed when Yuna decides to decline the Final Summoning and put a permanent end to Sin.

After Sin's defeat, Tidus starts to fade away and says goodbye to everyone. Rikku, however, does not accept any goodbyes from him, saying that they will meet again.


In the two years that have passed since the end of Yuna's pilgrimage and Sin's destruction, Rikku has been traveling all over Spira, continuing to salvage machina and is now teaching people how to use them. One day, she rushes to Besaid on an Al Bhed ship to show Yuna a sphere that Kimahri found on Mt. Gagazet, which shows a man bearing a strong resemblance to Tidus.

Rikku suggests to Yuna they go see Kimahri about the sphere and learn more about it, but Wakka continually objects to Yuna running off to look for answers since she is always having visitors, thus making her very busy. Rikku says that for once Yuna should do something that she wants to do. She says ever since defeating Sin forever, everyone else is getting their shot at a new lease on life but Yuna's dreams are always on hold. After Yuna decides to journey again, Rikku reveals that she brought new clothes for Yuna to go "incognito" because of her celebrity status. Wakka then rushes off to get Lulu. Yuna however insists to Rikku they should just leave immediately, and so they embark on a new adventure.


Rikku and Brother have had a falling-out with Cid, and have since founded the Gullwings, a sphere hunting group, with the help of Brother's friends, Buddy and Shinra. They are soon joined by a young woman named Paine, who has a mysterious past known only to her. After Rikku encourages Yuna to embark on another journey, Yuna joins the motley crew on their airship, the Celsius.

The group travels throughout Spira and encounters many old and new friends, including the three most influential Spirans: Nooj, Baralai and Gippal. Gippal, a ladies' man and Rikku's old friend, calls her "Cid's girl", and embarrasses her with a crack about the two of them having "made quite the couple". The Gullwings also get into many scuffles with rival sphere hunter group, the LeBlanc Syndicate. Headed by its leader LeBlanc and crewed by her band of goons, including her two chief henchmen, Ormi and Logos, LeBlanc and her team frequently seek the same treasure the Gullwings do.


After Yuna is reunited with Tidus at Besaid, the Gullwings go their seperate ways. Three months later, each of the girls receive a letter calling them back together, to explore the recently discovered Yadonoki Tower. As they travel to the top of the tower, Rikku tells Yuna and Paine how she continued to go on missions, and the status of their other friends.

When Yuna speaks of how she enjoys her peaceful life with Tidus, Rikku expresses her jealousy towards Yuna for reaching her goal in life and settling down, something Rikku believes she is unable to do herself. The bickering between the two cousins escalates to the point where Paine raises her voice against them. Paine soon reveals she was the one who brought them back together, to show them that even though they have technically gone their separate ways, they shall always be together. She tells Rikku and Yuna that through her previous friendship with Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, and traveling Spira alone since they split up, she wishes not to lose the friendship they shared.

At the top of the tower, the girls find nothing but a large broken machina. Paine tells Rikku and Yuna to look around but Rikku says that aside from the machina, she only sees them. The group then realizes the machina symbolizes them: broken. As they vow to be more than just strangers who met by chance, becoming friends once again, the machina begins to work, and their adventures continue.

After the merge of the two worlds she got scared and wanted to find Yuna to see if she was ok or not. Yuna was her cousin after all. She adaped quite well to the new enviroment and befriended a bunch of pokemon, all electric types.

Manectric - Male - Rai
Minin - Male - Nuno
Plusle - Female - Hazle

Raichu - Female - Chu
Jolteon - Male - Thunders
Ampharos - Male - Den
Luxray - Male (Shiny) - Torra
Galvantula - Female - Raa

Link: Quetzalcoatl
Other: As you can see Rikku has befriended electric types, mainly to prove that she has gotten over her fear of thunderstorms.

All images belong to respective owners and such

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