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Default Re: [WAR XI] Saraibre Ryu of GUN vs. Velocity of Revolution Uprising.

Well thanks to that, I don't need to explain how Dudechu is gonna use Surf, but he's gonna do it the way the Chu family do it best.

I also confirmed with 3m0d0ll that the pedestals are indeed, free floating. SO WITH THAT-

Yes Dudechu, you're going to pummel that rodent with two Surfs, but you're going to do it with style. Using your advantage of speed, you're going to make one hell of a wave pool for that Sandslash, and you're going to do it...while standing on that platform of yours. Yes, use it as a makeshift surf board since you're making a giant wave in the pool anyway, it won't take you any extra effort. Since you're going to be on top of that wave and the change in water is going to put Sandslash down even further, he's going to have to aim up at you to hit you with Swift. Use the platform you're standing on as you literally Surf, and whatever ones you grab with your giant waves, to block some, if not all of the attack each time. Even if you do somehow get knocked off the top of the wave, by the time you have Surf up, all it's gonna need is to come crashing down on that long clawed, spiney, yellow foe of yours.

So there we have it, use Surf twice and bring those platforms with you!

Surf [With Platforms]~Surf [With Platforms]
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