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Default Re: [WAR XI] The Eggman Empire: Now Accepting Humans

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Too much heat? Where I came from in the south on the east coast, the humidity was horrific which made the heat even worse. And sorry--unfortunately Urban Street doesn't show genders.

And yes, just "Sammy" because I can never remember all those numbers in your username and don't talk to you all that often. If it weren't for remembering our fourth point, I would have forgotten you completely, in all honesty. and okay, Sam.

XDDD Team hustle? Really? If you feel so confident we need one, like I said, feel free to add me.
Geez. I live somewhat close to the East Coast, but there's not too much humidity, thankfully. S'okay. ^^

I'm guessing it's on your profile? XD
[12:38:20 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH" <---- Yup.
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."
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