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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio
Affected: Popshakes (Mammothmon), DoH

Another Myotismon suddenly came down, interrupting Angle's battle with his opponent. The new Myotismon smashed itself down upon the first. There was an injured look on the Myotismon's face, but he managed to speak.

“I'll take care of this one.”

Angle looked at the second fallen angel, the one who shouldn't have fallen. He then glanced at the Digimon's tamer. She was standing, but weakening. The battle was taking the fight out of her.

“Do what you have to do,” Angle finally said to the 'good' Myotismon.

A thought came to Angle. He turned to Lexin.

“Devolve Terry,” the MagnaAngemon said, “It'll help you get a better hold on reality.”

Lexin stared at his partner. Terry was just thawing out, ready for battle (if a little tired.) But now, as Lexin looked around, he knew Angle was right. It had turned into a game of clean-up, and it was almost over. Young Virtik took his Digivice, and pointed it at Terry. A stream of light hit him, the Gargomon shedding fat, which turned into data. This data went into his digivice, and where once was a fat dog-rabbit stood a small Gummymon, which Lexin picked up.

Angle would be concerned about his well-being, but Lexin wanted to watch. To watch an odd thunder-dog Digimon observe the fight of the Myotismon, being attacked by the 'good' Myotismon and a Birdramon.

Meanwhile, Angle stared at the Mammothmon. It was still standing there, small cries being heard from the trunk. It's pride had been wounded, with the loss of its tustk. But now that would come to an end. It was time. Time to spare the Ultimate from a fate worse than death. The MagnaAngemon's sword was still out. He raised it, and thrust it into the Mammothmon's forehead, between where the eyes should've been.

Data poured out of the wound like blood, which went into Angle. He smiled at the new data being downloaded. At least the Mammothmon wouldn't disperse into nothing.
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