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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
This is where I must strongly disagree. Everything needs Energy in order to function according to the laws of thermodynamics. Animated, not reanimated, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, it doesn't matter you cannot defy the laws of physics.
It isn't a closed system though. You still have sunlight, therefore it breaks no law of thermodynamics. It would take far too long for a zombie to die of "starvation".

Originally Posted by Cobalt View Post
If zombie 1 manages to catch and infect the person that would become zombie 2, he's not going to see a new ally in the hunt for food. He's going to see... food. Unless zombie 2 manages to escape zombie 1, there's nothing stopping zombie 1 from killing and eating zombie 2. At which point he'll move on to infecting/creating/consuming zombie 3.

In this endless cycle, there will never be more than a handful of zombies whose only goal is to eat. And those that are lucky enough to escape the first zombies after being bitten will behave in the same manner causing the zombie apocalypse to move at a painfully slow rate.

It's a moot point in the end, when you take into account the military which is way more organized than zombie movies give them credit for. Zombies would be hunted into extinction before they had a chance to propagate.
The military is not prepared for zombies, they are equipped for conventional warfare. Automatic weapons are one of the worst things you could have against zombies. You need to be accurate, while maintaining maneuverability, which is something the M16a4 and M4a1 is not good at.

Just to get one thing clear, are we talking about "L4D" zombies or "Resident Evil" zombies?
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