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Default Rate my team

Tell me if my team is good or not because I have to beat this person who is very strong. My team is:
Charizard Ability: Blaze Moves= Dragon Claw, Fly, Heat Wave, Blast Burn
Klinklang Ability: Plus Moves= Zap Cannon, Thunder, Flash Cannon, Giga Impact
Mienshao Ability: Regenerator Moves= Hi Jump Kick, Focus Blast, U-Turn, Stone Edge
Eelektross Ability: Levitate Moves= Discharge, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Dragon Claw
Hydreigon Ability: Levitate Moves= Tri Attack, Dragon Rush, Fire Blast, Draco Metor
Seismitoad Abilty: Poison Touch Move= Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Surf, Sludge Bomb
Is this a good team? Can I make it better? If so how?
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