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Lydia Applegate | Biyomon | Lopmon
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined under the rule of Anarcomon
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Lopmon returned to her teammates, watching as Biyomon attempted to pick his tamer up - with no success obviously. Lopmon rolled her eyes, crossing her stubby arms, "There's no point in carrying her when we're the size of human midgets..." She growled, slapping the pink bird across his back with one of her chocolate ears.

Biyomon cawed out a small cry when she whipped him. He abruptly turned to face the smirking rabbit when he noticed red lights penetrating the sky. He turned his head ever so slightly before pushing Lopmon out of the way to get a better view. Lopmon was taken back by the bird's sudden rudeness, "Oh, no you didn't-" She growled, only to stop in her tracks to stare upon the sky above the brawl a half-mile away. Biyomon shuddered at the immense power that came from the red swooning lights, "Piyo..." He cooed. Biyomon's expression molded into a worried state at the swirling clouds.

Lydia began shifting where she was stationed, moaning and sweating up a storm as she mumbled heavy, inaudible words. Biyomon heard the mumbles and rushed back inside at his tamer's side. She was worn out from a previous raid before they entered Dayton, Ohio. Before they were ordered to attack these pesky tamers, Lydia's army was raiding an enemy base. They had been trying to salvage what was left of a destroyed Major Stream. Her army consisted of what it had been before the group attacked these tamers. It wasn't a quick win but it sure was easy. However, Lydia overused her strength Digivolving her partner, Lopmon, from Wendigomon to Antylamon (Virus).

Biyomon sighed softly, placing his wing protectively over Lydia's body, "No matter what happens, Lydia, I'll protect you. Just you see, piyo~" He cooed, laying his head upon her stomach, embracing her gently.

Lopmon wasn't for this "mushy" stuff so she stayed outside staring into the night sky. The clouds swirled ominously overhead and it began to stretch its way towards their small encampment. Lopmon's fur stood on end and a chill ran down her back - but then, something seemed familiar about this power. Then it came to her, "Featherbrains! It's a digital stream!" The chocolate bunny hollered, jumping up in joy. They would be able to return home - away from these pesky tamers and back into the Digital World. She slapped her ears and hovered back to Lydia and Biyomon, only feet away. Biyomon rushed outside the wooded protection and gazed up at the sky nodding his head, "I think you're right, piyo! Lydia will remain safe after all!" He squawked, flapping his wings.

Lopmon rolled her careless eyes, placing her stubs on her hips, "OF COURSE I'm right, featherbrains..." She growled, whacking him with one of her ears, "And why do you worry about that girl so much? She does nothing but cause us trouble... or, should I say, cause ME trouble. She can't keep me Digivolved for long without passing out! And I can't achieve Mega with a tamer like that!" She hissed spitefully, glaring at the pink duo.

Biyomon was taken back by her harsh words. He was at a loss for what to say when the ground began to shake and the wood that was propped up against the tree covering Lydia started to wobble. Biyomon squawked in fear and stood between Lydia and the plywood. Although the protection was light and airy, his tamer was fragile - almost like glass. He didn't want any more injuries inflicted upon her.

Lopmon spat at the ground, "Fine... protect her. It's not like she can help you in return. For years now you've been stuck at this form. Wouldn't you just love to taste the sky with your enormous, out-stretched wings? Weren't you the least bit jealous at that other tamer's Birdramon?" Lopmon smirked, speaking in a seducing manner.

Biyomon hadn't thought about it that way. It was true, what Lopmon said. However not much thought was put into those words when the shaking became more violent, pushing the wood down upon Biyomon - placing him against Lydia as he held the weight (although pretty light) upon his feathered body. He squawked out something inaudible against the wood as he struggled to life it up and push it off his and Lydia's bodies.

Lopmon chuckled to herself as she watched the pathetic act.
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