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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

its strange to hear that these things are weaker considering what one of them did to my

You two should really make an effort to trying to understand each other.
Aqua, It seems Princesses focus has been on working with thing that are not common, with the proper support almost any pokemon could be used on a team. Smogon says that moltres sp def and sp atk out class charizard (what smogon says in its charizard moveset page.) So maybe she was just using it a different way,

Princess have you ever heard the phrase give credit where credit is due. Well while aqua can come off kinda bad sometimes he really means well and he really does know what he talking about. He is a very talent battler and will test things over and over again.. He is a by the numbers type of guy. In fact whenever I need help I ask him, because he opinion is very valid. So you should give the guy a little credit he does know what he is talking about.

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