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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

RPers involved:
CM (Taro)

"All because I hold this, you must do what I say," the man said more than asked. Even as he spoke, little Rose was stopped from using magic; a blessing to her, in this case.

"Then tell me,” he asked “you would do anything for freedom, correct? Even use the magic that is in your blood? The magic that you refuse to use?"

As usual, the answer was on his lips the instant he thought it; he must obey the Master.

“No matter my desires, I am not meant to be free. I cannot escape what I am any more than a wolf could give up its fangs and become a man. I do not have the luxury of expending my energy in such a futile fight. My very nature prohibits the possibility.”

Suhail’s mind was on overdrive. Clearly whoever this individual was, he had been watching Suhail for a great deal of time. However, he was obviously ignorant of the true nature of a Soulless; if he knew better what Suhail was, and where he came from, he would not have suggested the possibility of freedom. Suhail had given up that desire long ago, and now only longed to spend his life constructively, to avoid destroying whenever possible.

Suhail was very afraid of this man. Already, he knew too much of Suhail’s powers. He knew of the magic, and of the stone and blade. He did not have enough secrets. Already the terms of this war had changed, and now Suhail’s strategy would have to adapt as well.

“In any case, what could you possibly have to offer me in the way of freedom? What reason could I possibly have to believe that my very nature could be thwarted, when you so obviously use what I am to subjugate me to your own desires? I do not trust your ability to promise me anything of value. Why pretend?

“Just order me to commit the atrocities you have planned, and do not seek to further complicate what interaction takes place between us. As your observations will have previously proven, no matter my desires, I will obey.”

Suhail hoped his new master would take the bait and try to talk. It was information that Suhail lacked, and since this master was so clearly well informed about Suhail, Suhail would need to strive to discover whatever secrets his master happened to be keeping.

If his master refused to be goaded into talking more, Suhail would not be any the worse off than he already was.

Skyspire - Agana's Inn
RPers involved:
CM (Agana); Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Kamikaze (Darios)

“Hey, are you okay?” Amber asked, eyeing him carefully. He’d been so absorbed in listening to Agana, and then to Feng, that he’d forgotten entirely about the conversation he was supposed to be having himself.

“I…” Corbin trailed off and actually turned to look as the other ear listening to the conversation taking place at the bar stopped standing quietly and started approaching the talking pair.

“What’s he doing?” Corbin muttered aloud, quickly looking away to keep from being too obvious.

The conversation continued this time beginning with a soft, gentle voice that contrasted sharply with the angry version of the same voice that Corbin had heard only minutes before.

"Good evening captain."

Well, if nothing else, Corbin had to admire the fellow’s guts. Then again, the pair had little reason to be as upset with the man as they would have if it were Corbin himself to come and interrupt them.

"Brave enough to join us?" Agana teased him, her voice returning to calm and teasing as opposed to the dangerous tone she had used with Corbin. "Let me properly introduce you two. Naomi, this is Darios." There was a sound of motion before she continued speaking. "And this would be Captain Naomi Hemming of the Royal Guard."

"I thought I told you there was no need for formalities," Naomi said, her voice still a perfect mask of control and poise. "Pleasure to meet you." The latter was obviously addressed to the man, Darios.

Quite suddenly, there was the sound of small feet padding along the hardwood floor in the hallway. Corbin looked just in time to see Alexa turning the corner. She was rubbing her eyes, obviously tired. However, when her bright emerald eyes saw the Knight Captain, she seemed to instantly wake up and smiled. She then ran over to the armored woman, jumping into her lap and hugging her awkwardly, her small arms struggling to reach around the plate armor.

"Aunt Naomi!" she greeted. "It's been so long!"

Her response held the first uncontrolled inflection of emotion he had heard thus far from Naomi. "It has been," she replied, wrapping an arm around the small child to make sure she didn't fall off, the other patting her head. "You seem to be doing well. But are you here alone?"

"I've been watching her," Agana replied. "You know her mother. She took a contract and asked me to watch Alexa for her. She should be in town for the Games in a couple days."

The next words weren’t really a surprise, though they were loud enough to make Corbin’s ears ring and he hastily stopped pulling extra hearing from his reserves as she began speaking. "You two can come join us," she spoke, apparently to Corbin and Amber. "Might as well sit with us if you're going to listen in."

He smiled a bit as he stood and offered a hand to Amber; their conversation had been rather sparse. He would have to remember to be more convincing in the future if he wished to eavesdrop and remain undetected.

"Not that I am not grateful, but how come the Captain of the guard is helping the ones she should be locking up?" Darios asked as they made the short journey to the trio and their conversation.

<Perhaps you should…>

<No. I get to do whatever conversing happens now my own way, Feng. I am not your puppet, to totter around according to your every whim and pleasure.>

The only reply was silence. Corbin stopped in front of the bar and gave a bow to Naomi.

“Madame Naomi,” he began, “I have not yet had opportunity to introduce myself; I am Corbin Smythe. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am in response to your actions. I suspect you saw my little note?”

He then turned to Agana, blushing slightly as he bowed again.

“Lady Agana. I hope you can find it within yourself to forgive my earlier rashness. I have absolutely no desire to bring harm upon you or yours. I acted against what, I feel, is my own better judgment. I assure you I will not behave so again.”

To Darios, “I apologize for the danger I placed you, all of you, in by my actions. The only explanation I can offer is that I was commissioned to do so by someone I am led to believe is older and wiser than myself. However, after this little misadventure, my opinion in that matter has wavered slightly. I harbor no ill feelings towards you, though of course I understand completely if you continue to feel contrary feelings towards myself.”

He looked over the group quickly, his mind exhausted by the events that had just taken place. He knew however that time was short, so he offered the words on his mind.

“Normally this would be the point that I would suggest we retire for the evening and allow the events of the day to take hold in our minds as we rest for the morrow, but I worry that such a luxury is not one available to us at present.

“Madame Naomi, I am likewise intrigued by your forbearance in this situation. Why is it that you have not only allowed, but aided us, when it would seem your station and duty are to do the exact opposite?"

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