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Default Re: [WAR XI] Graphic Art

Play a little with your evil inside, for this week's theme is about the bad guys. Needless to say, these submissions shouldn't be about prancing ponies or cute bunnies... unless they're out for blood! Capture the darkness of some well-known villains from games and movies, or just evil in general.

And the parameters are as follows:
  • No size limitation, but yes, I really want to empathize borders this time. Your banner should have a border frame or border effect that goes with the theme.
  • Empathize on the colors BLACK and RED. You're free to put other colors in there as long as they blend well.
  • The text line "Do you think you know fear?" should be in there somewhere. But, you're also free to add your own text in addition to that if you'd like.
  • And yes, there should be at least one render (picture) in there, preferably something dark and morbid.

Muha ha ha ha!

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