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Default Game Idea Development (GID)


Game Idea Development


Welcome one and all to the Game Idea Development: My Game Idea thread! This thread's purpose is for community members to build a game that they can all enjoy.


The purpose of GID is to:
- Create perfect games
- Games that everyone has input in
- Games that need improvement
- New ideas that need improvement


To propose a game, fill out this form correctly.

Title of the Game:
Brief Summary of your Game: 
How many Players(If applicable):
Parts that you feel need work:
Other(Add anything in you feel you need to add):
Forms that aren't filled out correctly will most likely cause more confusion than games who have the correct format. Grammar and spelling also have a role in avoiding confusion.


To participate in game development, you must follow a few simple rules.

1) All PE2K rules and Trivia/Games Codes of Conduct rules apply. These rules also apply to the rest of the section.
2) Be courteous and respectful when proposing and participating in game development.
3) Respect other's opinions. Though it may not be a great idea, speak your mind respectfully.
4) No flamming. As with Rule Three, you must be respectful to other's ideas and opinions.
5) Either propose or participate. Do not post unless it the post has meaning in this thread. Questions regarding this thread maybe posted here. Questions about the section may be posted in the Trivia/Games Discussion.
6) No inappropriate participation or propositions.
7) Use your best spelling and grammar. This will help avoid confusion.
8) One game at a time. We can only handle so much. Do not propose until another game is marked finished by the original poster or any trivia moderator.


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