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Default New mods and a promotion!

Hey everyone! I would like you all to welcome our newest moderators: Etymology, JokesterJesse, Master Aqua, CM and Metal Gear Snivy! They will now be undergoing a one month trial period to see if they have what it takes to mod PE2K!

I would also like to congratulate Judge Dredd on his well-deserved promotion to Global Mod.

Our moderator applications were a great success. We now have a team of enthusiastic new moderators with lots of new ideas to bring to PE2K. Now that we've boosted our numbers, we will no longer be holding any moderator applications. Instead we will go back to PE2K's traditional method of choosing moderators. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, you must show that you are a leader by being active, helpful, respectful and working to bring new ideas to PE2K.

Thanks to all those who applied! As always, if you have new ideas, you don't need to be a moderator to get them done. Take the initiative to speak to the mods of the board you're interested in!
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