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Default Re: Song Parodies!

Another prompt, and one I must say I enjoyed, although it's probably because I'm a tragic Beatles fan. baltar of suggested the following:

i think the beatles song 'paperback writer' could be made into a song called 'pokemon trainer'

This fitted rather nicely, I felt. XD

Sung version:

Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Trainer)

Dear Sir or Madam, will you see my Poke?
It took me years to train, will you take a look?
I got him from a Prof named after a tree
And I was quite bored, so I became a Pokemon Trainer,
Pokemon Trainer!

So I went and travelled, all across the land
Beating Bug Catchers with my one-man band
I defeated a gym, and got a HM
And prize money is why I became a Pokemon Trainer,
Pokemon Trainer!

Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Trainer)

So I‘m training up to beat the Elite Four
I'll be heading off in a week or more
I can do contests if you like my style
I can even teach you how to become a Pokemon Trainer,
Pokemon Trainer!

If you really like it you could pet him here
Just be careful not to let your children near
If you want to fight then let’s try tonight
But I need a break and I want to go to the Game Corner,
Yes the Game Corner!

Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Trainer)

Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Trainer)
Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Trainer)

'Tis a parody of the game with more explanations than you can shake a pastry at.
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