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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Team: NSSF
Position: Legalize it!

First, I shall begin with enlightening those who have never been fortunate enough to take a puff of the glorious cannabis plant. When you inhale smoke, there goes without saying that this is "harmful" to the body. However, the same can be said with a lot of lab chemicals in our everyday foods. The key here is that these things are not harmful unless consumed in excess. The difference with cannabis smoke and tobacco smoke is that the cannabis smoke does not create a tar lining in your lungs, nor is it cancerous (there are even studies claiming cannabis has anti-carcinogenic properties). Obviously, it goes without saying that if the latter is legal, there's no reason the former shouldn't be. Now, when one gets "high", one does not become stupid or impaired like many propagandists would have you believe. Instead, the effect is a soothing trance-like state, where the mind notices everything around you more and with a sense of wonder similar to that of a child. Like any psychedelic, the possibility for a "bad trip" remains, however they can easily be avoided with some mental preparation (relax, don't give in to fear). I believe that cannabis should be used in a spiritual manner (unlike these gangsta shits who smoke to be "cool") as it magnifies the senses and really opens up the mind to everything around you. I hope that as time progresses, we gain a better understanding of the intangible implications of consuming cannabis and don't always focus on the "drug abuse" implications, because in my mind, cannabis is infinitely different than any other drug. It's an herbal remedy, and I cannot stand people treating it in the same category as crack or meth. You smoke too much weed, you'll take a nap, you won't die or go crazy.

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